and Other Canonical Stories

Jack Fritscher

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Leyland Publications-1984
Palm Drive Publishing-2000
Prowler Press-1998

Corporal in Charge of Taking Care of Captain O'Malley as PDF or Flip

Included in this anthology of short fiction:

Frontis PDF -- Flip

That Boy That Summer: Teenage Circle Jerk: PDF -- Flip "The team stood naked around the campfire. The moon over Twin Lakes silhouetted their faces and chest, bellies, and cocks. They were in a hardfisted jerkoff race."

A Sucker for Uncut Meat: PDF -- Flip "The young uncut Marine slipped two inches of my cut dick deep into the dark interior of his wet foreskin."

Big, Beefy College Jocks: PDF -- Flip "Big hands toweling dry big bodies. Muscular arms raised. Armpits rampant. Naked. Horseplay. White towels snapping bare butts. One gray wool sock...."

The Princeton Rub: PDF -- Flip "He had a nostalgia for blond swimmers: thick-shouldered, deep-chested, all white-teeth-and-big-smiles in baby-blue nylon Speedo briefs."

Corporal in Charge of Taking Care of Captain O'Malley: PDF -- Flip USMC Corporal Powell, 22, built and hung, services Captain O'Malley, 32, handsome, husky, and a master of military Command Presence.

USMC Slap Captain: PDF -- Flip

Humping Straight Daddies: Nooner Sex: PDF -- Flip "There is one sin in life: when a straight young daddy invites you into a movie arcade booth and you do not come."

Officer Mike: SFPD's Finest: PDF -- Flip "The hairy Italian motorcycle cop arrested men for his pleasure, his butt itching for the feel of an unshaven jaw burrowing up the juicy pucker of his manhole."

Black-and-White Doublefuck: PDF -- Flip "Ain't nothin' like a big hung white boy, and a huge Mandingo stud, double-pumping their not-gonna-take-No-for-an-answer equipment up a groaning honky ass."

Cruising the Merchant Marines: PDF -- Flip

Hustler Bars: Show Me the Money: PDF -- Flip "Hustlers are ala carte. Ask to suck their dicks, pits, ass. The price goes up. 'Sit on my face.' That's ten bucks more. To a street hustler that's a fortune. They kill for less than that."

Young Deputy K-9 Cop: PDF -- Flip "The young K9 deputy, stripped and chained, heard the Sgt. Dogmaster preparing his initiation."

Fisting the Selfsucker: PDF -- Flip

Caro Ricardo: PDF -- Flip

B-Movie on Castro Street: PDF -- Flip

The Best Dirty-Blond Contractor in Texas: PDF -- Flip "He was a bodybuilder spreading his lats like angel's wings. I licked across his baseball biceps into his dripping pits. He was a dirty-blond Muscle God."

Earthorse: PDF -- Flip Probing the future. A political sex fable about the ultimate violation of human rights--the harvesting of a human heart.

By Blond Obsessed: Hollywood 1981: PDF -- Flip

Titsports: PDF -- Flip

Wet Dreams: Golden Showers: PDF -- Flip "USMC survival training teaches young recruits they can drink their own piss twice. Mineshaft survival training thinks that's conservative."

Fetish Noir: Alternative Sex Games: PDF -- Flip

Afterword: PDF -- Flip The Vice Magazine Interview with Jack Fritscher - "Censorship: Is Gay Literature Porno or Erotica?"

About the author Jack Fritscher: PDF -- Flip


The author would like to express his fraternal appreciation to the following men, without whose assistance or encouragement this book would never have become a reality: David Hurles, David Sparrow, Bob Ehrenberg, Rex, George Benedict, Al Shapiro, Bob Johnson, John Calendo, Lou Thomas, Sam Steward, Winston Leyland, John Embry, Trent Dunphy, Bob Mainardi, and Jim Enger.

The following stories first appeared in the magazine listed:

"I'm a Sucker for Uncut Meat" in Skin, Vol. II, No. 4
"Teenage Circle Jerk: Anticipation" in Skin, Vol. II, No. 3
"The Princeton Rub" in Skin, Vol. II, No. 1
"Sulfsucker" in Skin, Vol. I, No. 1
"The Best Dirty-Blond Contractor in Texas" in The Target Album, No. 3
"Silver Screen Castro Blues" in In Touch, No. 57
"Black and White Doublefuck" in Just Men, Vol. I, No. 1
"Hustler Bars" in Skin, Vol. II, No. 5
"Dog Dick" in The California Action Guide, October 1981
"Corporal in Charge of Taking Care of Captain O'Malley" in Drummer, Nos. 22 and 23
"Wet Dreams and Golden Showers" first appeared as "Pissing in the Wind" in Drummer, No. 20
"Titsports: Our Pex Belong to the Sundance Kid" first appeared as "Tit Torture Blues" in Drummer, No. 30
"Big Beefy College Jocks" in MAN2MAN, No. 2
"Earthorse" in MAN2MAN No. 3
"USMC Slapcaptain" in MAN2MAN, No. 7.


Published in 1984, 181 pages.
Winston Leyland
Leyland Publications/Gay Sunshine Press
P.O. Box 40397
San Francisco, CA 94140
ISBN 0-917342-45-3

Prowler Press, London

Palm Drive Publishing
PO Box 191021
San Francisco CA 94119
ISBN 1-890834-34-3
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