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Stand by Your Man cover 1987
Palm Drive Publishing 1999
Leyland Publications 1987

Stand by Your Man and Other Stories

Included in this anthology of short fiction:

How Buddy Left Me is a wonderful story. A bittersweet romance. A classic movie plot with a one-two punch. Sensitive, caring love lost against the fall of Saigon, the fall of SOMA, and the rise of San Francisco punk. Radical sex. Lyrical love. SOME BOYS ARE BAD FOR EACH OTHER!

For "flap" connoisseurs of UNCUT lunchmeat, Foreskin Fever, Foreskin Prison Blues, and Uncut Hillbilly Dicks (The Adams Boys), serve up some of the tastiest verbal fantasy in the long, juicy, "oral history" of "skin that goes slip-slap in the night."

On the dark side of the moon, The Lords of Leather, Cigar Sarge, and Horsemaster ride at you across the ominous horizon at the foot of your bed. No gay writer has ever Drummered out such offbeat beatoff material with such hands-on style.

Sun and sand and hot bodies, measured by the INCH, are the teen-sex comedy boxoffice behind Beach Blanket Surf-Boy Blues, A Beach Boy Named Desire, Wish They All Could Be California Boys, and Goatboy, who, like Tom Cruise in Risky Business, does what every teenage stud does at home alone naked in the, hoo-ha! kitchen!

Moviegoers, video lovers, and fans of the End-Up Bar's Jockstrap Contests in San Francisco will recognize some of these stories as the origin for the screenplay of the film J. Brian's Flashbacks: New Kid in Town, Cabbage Patch Boys, Black on Blond, Contestant #3, and Stand By Your Man!


"Jack Fritscher is a master of gay prose pornography, a rarity in culture.... The manner in which he manipulates language, sensuality, feeling, nuance, style, atmosphere, and even one's visual enough to guarantee this book sensational status for many, many years."
--Q, Philadelphia Gay News

"Jack Fritscher has roamed the furthest corners of sexuality, and can lead you on head trips unequaled by any other gay writer I know of. You may resist, as I did, some of the aggression, machismo, and sexual practices only to be won over by Fritscher's prose....[He] writes with sweat and wit, dirt and desire. Fritscher is a knee to the groin."
--John F. Karr, Bay Area Reporter


The author would like to express his fraternal appreciation to the following men, without whose assistance or encouragement this book would never have become a reality: David Hurles, John Rowberry, J. Brian, Richard Labonte, Bob Johnson, Trent Dunphy, Bob Mainardi, Rex, Bill Schmeling/The Hun, and the Colt Model Frank Vickers whose photograph appears on the cover.

Editor's Note: Frank Vickers, whom Jack Fritscher introduced to Robert Mapplethorpe, appeared as a Mapplethorpe model in fishnet tights and high-heels on a beach. Frank Vickers, whose real name was Roger Koch was first discovered and photographed by Jack Fritscher at a San Francisco bodybuilding contest in 1981. Roger Koch was a professional model famous for posing in medical school anatomy classes. After a legendary nightlife in New York, Roger Koch died in the autumn of 1989 saying to Jack Fritscher, "I have nothing good to say about Robert Mapplethorpe."

The following stories first appeared in the magazine listed:

"Foreskin Fever" in Uncut, vol. I. no. 3
"Uncut Hillbilly Dicks" in Inches, vol. I, no. 4
"Goatboy" in Inches, vol. I, no. 1
"Frathouse Pledge: Beercan Charley" in Inches, vol. I, no. 6
"The Daddy Mystique" in In Touch for Men, no. 56
"New Kid in Town" in Honcho, May 1982
"Cabbage Patch Boys" in Honcho, June 1982
"Stand By Your Man" in Honcho, April 1982
"Black on Blond" in Honcho, June 1982
"Wish They All Could Be California Boys" in Just Men, vol. 3, No. 3
"Beach Blanket Surf-Boy Blues" in William Higgins' California, vol I, no. 1
"In Praise of Fuckabilly Butt" in Skin, vol. 2, no. 2
"Video Casting Couch" in Skin, vol 2, no. 1
"Young Russian River Rats" in Just Men, vol. 2, no. 5
"Telefuck" in Just Men, vol. 2, no. 2
"Horsemaster" in Drummer 25
"Firebomber: Cigar Sarge" in Drummer 22
"The Lords of Leather" in Drummer 100
"A Beach Boy Named Desire" in Inches, vol I, no. 5
"Foreskin Prison Blues" in Uncut, vol. I, no. 4


Published in 1987, 159 pages.
Winston Leyland
Leyland Publications
P.O. Box 40397
San Francisco, CA 94140
ISBN 0-943595-03-7
Copyright 1987 by Jack Fritscher

Palm Drive Publishing in 1999
PO Box 191021
San Francisco CA 94119
ISBN 1-890834-32-7

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