Drummer Magazine
Issue 119: August 1988
Cover, Masthead, and Contents

Drummer Issue 119: Cover
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  • Desmodus Inc.
  • Publisher: Andrew V. DeBlase
  • Editor: Fledermaus (Andrew V. DeBlase)
  • Associate Editor: Tim Barrus
  • Art Director: Jameo Saunders

Writing by Jack Fritscher in Drummer Issue 119

Masthead: Jack Fritscher, Writer, Frequent Contributors; Palm Drive Video, Photography, Frequent Contributors
Theme for Drummer 119 Created by Fritscher: Bears
1 Piece of Writing (Lead Feature Article) by Fritscher
21 Photographs (Interior Editorial) by Fritscher
7 Photographs (Interior Advertising) by Fritscher dba “Palm Drive Video”
1 Piece of Writing (Advertising) by Fritscher dba “Palm Drive Video”
1 Editorial Mention: Letter to the Editor

(Drummer 118 and Drummer 119 were both dated July 1988)

  • Editorial Mention: “Fritscher/Palm Drive Video’s Mud Pillow Fight,” letter to the editor, p. 5

  • Fetish Feature,” p. 19, schedule of themes created by Fritscher for upcoming issues 120-123

  • Bears! How to Hunt Buckskin Leather Mountain Men and Live Among the Bears,” pp. 22-26, cover feature article

  • 21 Photographs: “Palm Drive Models John Muir, Jack Husky, and Mr. America Chuck Sipes with Mountain Men” pp. 2, 3, 18, 22-26, by Fritscher dba “Palm Drive Video”; Fritscher photo, page 18, is “Daddy’s Beerbelly in Bondage”; on pages 22-26, Fritscher’s photos are numbered as 1-7, 9, 11-13, 15, 17-20; Fritscher photo inside front cover is “Big Bruno” in white cowboy hat, with three more photos on page 3, “Long Hair, Long Beard,” “Jack Husky with Hammer,” and “Mountain Man Black Hat”

  • 7 Photographs (Interior Advertising): “Palm Drive Models Sonny Butts, Dave Gold, Jason Steele, Bruno, KeithArdent, Mike Welder, Redneck Cowboy,” p. 68, by Fritscher dba “Palm Drive Video,” display ad, half-page

  • “New S&M Fetish Videos,” p. 76, classified ad copy by Fritscher for Palm Drive Video

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