Drummer Magazine
Issue 128: May 1989
Cover, Masthead, and Contents

Drummer Issue 128: Cover Drummer Issue 128: Contents
  • Desmodus Inc.
  • Publisher: Andrew V. DeBlase
  • Editor: Fledermaus (Andrew V. DeBlase)
  • Assistant Editor: Ken Lackey & Paul Martin
  • Art Director: Jameo Saunders

Writing by Jack Fritscher in Drummer Issue 128

Masthead: Jack Fritscher, Writer, Frequent Contributors; Palm Drive Video, Photography, Frequent Contributors
7 Photographs (Interior Advertising) by Fritscher dba “Palm Drive Video”
2 Pieces of Writing (Advertising) by Fritscher dba “Palm Drive Video”

Editor’s Note: Drummer 128 contains a “Letter to the Editor,” p. 5, re Fritscher’s “Solo Sex” feature in Drummer 123. The editorial by Anthony F. DeBlase states that the success of Drummer is owed precisely to its showcasing of “real,” that is, actual men, the readers, which as a concept was created and inaugurated in the 70s in the column “Tough Customers” by then editor in chief Fritscher. On p. 4, DeBlase also acknowledges that Fritscher’s “Tough Customers” concept “is obviously one of the, if not the, most popular feature in Drummer.”

  • 7 Photographs (Interior Advertising): “Palm Drive Models Sonny Butts, Dave Gold, Jason Steele, Bruno, Keith Ardent, Mike Welder, Redneck Cowboy,” p. 65, by Fritscher dba “Palm Drive Video,” display ad, half-page

  • “New S&M Fetish Videos,” and “Cop Jock Videos,” p.70, classified ad copy by Fritscher for Palm Drive Video

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