Drummer Magazine
Issue 136: January 1990
Cover, Masthead, and Contents

Drummer Issue 136: Cover Drummer Issue 136: Contents
  • Desmodus Inc.
  • Publisher: Andrew V. DeBlase
  • Editor: Fledermaus (Andrew V. DeBlase)
  • Managing Editor: Joseph W. Bean
  • Art Director: Art Jagonasi

Writing by Jack Fritscher in Drummer Issue 136

Masthead: Jack Fritscher, Writer, Featured Contributors; Palm Drive Video, Photography, Frequent Contributors
2 Photographs (Interior Advertising) by Fritscher dba “Palm Drive Video”
1 Photograph (Interior Advertising) by Fritscher for Roger Earl and Terry LeGrand, Marathon Films
2 Pieces of Writing (Advertising) by Fritscher dba “Palm Drive Video”

  • 2 Photographs (Interior Advertising): “Palm Drive Models Sonny Butts and Goliath,” p. 86, by Fritscher dba “Palm Drive Video,” display ad, half-page

  • 1 Photograph (Interior Advertising) for Argos Session, p. 99, by Fritscher for Roger Earl and Terry LeGrand, Marathon Films: one photograph designed and shot by Fritscher during videotaping of The Argos Session shot and composed in two Hi8 cameras by Mark Hemry and Fritscher for Marathon Films in Amsterdam, June 21, 1989

  • “New S&M Fetish Videos,” and “Cop Jock Videos,” p. 102, classified ad copy by Fritscher for Palm Drive Video

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