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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                 81
             changes Jack wrought or the writings he wrote. In fact, after Jack left
             Drummer, John frequently reprised many of Jack’s themes and fetishes in
             Drummer and in his post-Drummer magazines like MR where he asked
             Jack for reprint permission.
                Timeline detectives may note that while John owned Drummer for
             eleven years, Jack Fritscher wrote and photographed for Drummer for
             seventeen years through three owners. Jack’s last issue for John Embry
             was 32 or 33, and he returned after John sold Drummer with issue 98, and
             continued contributing to the end, appearing in something like nearly
             seventy issues.
                Fritscher, like me, also  really cannot be  defined  or limited  as  “a
             Drummer writer.” While I think that as interesting and occasionally as
             brilliant as Jack’s writings were within the covers of Drummer, he has
             produced a far more significant body of writing and photography on his
             own in gay and straight publishing. He is a writer who is a stylist, and
             his style defines him. He brushed his signature style onto the blank pages
             of Drummer and into his Drummer novel Some Dance to Remember. It’s
             there the way it is in his first S&M novel written in 1969, I Am Curious
             (Leather). He tried to make Drummer literary and sexy, and he worked
             under pressure of deadlines which is the thing I told John Embry at the
             start of Drummer I would not do.
                Over the years, many Drummer editors would call Jack and say there
             was a hole in the next issue and could he write them a cover feature article
             in four days. His style is grace under pressure. In his books like the wild
             and dirty biography, Mapplethorpe: Assault with a Deadly Camera, I see
             the fingerprints of his Drummer experience because he often composes
             in single sentence paragraphs to keep the reader’s eye going down the
             column of print. So, in essence, I think we have to recognize that the glory
             years of golden sexuality, especially in San Francisco, coincided with the
             Golden Age of Drummer, and this was largely due to the hard work and
             extraordinary talents of Jack Fritscher who, crediting all the contributors,
             told me if it takes a village to raise a child, it took all us village people to
             fill Drummer.

             Larry Townsend (born 1930) is the pseudonymous author of dozens
             of books including Run Little Leather Boy (1970) and The Leatherman’s
             Handbook (1972) at pioneer erotic presses such as Greenleaf Classics and
             the Other Traveler imprint of Olympia Press. Growing up as a teenager of
             Swiss-German extraction in Los Angeles a few houses from Noel Coward
             and Irene Dunne, he ate cookies with his neighbor Laura Hope Crews
             who was Aunt Pittypat in Gone with the Wind. He attended the presti-

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