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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                 83

                                  by the Author

                           SOME DANCE TO REMEMBER.
                                   SOME DON’T.
                    Toward an Autobiography of Drummer Magazine
                “Of course I have no right whatsoever to write down the truth
                about my life, involving as it naturally does the lives of so many
                other people, but I do so urged by a necessity of truth-telling,
                because there is no living soul who knows the complete truth;
                here, may be one who knows a section; and, there, one who
                knows another section; but to the whole picture not one is initi-
                     — Vita Sackville-West, Portrait of a Marriage

                      LET’S START AT THE VERY BEGINNING . . .

                        MY ZERO DEGREES OF SEPARATION
                                 (MAP INCLUDED)

                In the vertigo of memory, I write these eyewitness objective notes and
             subjective opinions allegedly, because I can only analyze events, manu-
             scripts, and how we people all seemed together, and not the true hearts of
                As I said to Proust nibbling on his madeleine, “How pungent is the
             smell of old magazines.”
                Drummer is the Rosetta Stone of leather heritage.
                Drummer published its first issue June 1975.
                What happened next depends on whom you ask.
                Before history defaults to fable, I choose to write down my oral eye-
             witness testimony.
                Readers might try to understand the huge task of writing history that
             includes the melodrama of one’s own life lived in the first post-Stonewall
             decade of gay publishing and gay life.
                The Titanic 1970s were the Gay Belle Epoque of the newly possible.

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