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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                 85
             (August 1975), and in two of Embry’s post-Drummer magazines, Manifest
             Reader 26 (1995), and Super MR 5 (January 2000).
                I am an exorcist properly ordained by the Catholic Church, but I
             wish to be devil’s advocate, not for Embry or myself, or for our shifting
             points of view, but, if it is possible, for the truth of canonizing gay history.
                In fact, on August 11, 2006, I sent Embry an email asking for permis-
             sion to reprint two excerpts from his Epilogue as his own eyewitness testi-
             mony in this series of books. On October 17, he telephoned, thanked me
             for the floral arrangement I had sent him from Ixia, the drop-dead shop
             in the Castro, and, suddenly, in our conversation which was not about this
             book, gave oral permission for the reprint requested three months earlier.
             His representative excerpt from his Epilogue is included in the Gay San
             Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer volume titled The Drummer Salon.
                For objective correlative throughout this memoir, I have tried fairly
             to include and quote other eyewitnesses, including John Embry who plays
             the part of the perfect antagonist. I wanted Drummer to exude San Fran-
             cisco underground aura; he wanted it to have LA mass appeal.

                What of my analysis is too intuitional or too nuanced to be proven,
             I offer “allegedly.”
                Where it may be wrong, I offer apology as well as correction in future
                The rest, I swear, is true — even though I am the first to say that new
             revelations in my own memory and archives constantly pop up to support
             or dislocate previous testimony which I then change to the accuracy of the
                This is not revisionism; this is first-hand eyewitness memoir.
                I can’t be neutral, but I can try to be fair.
                About  Drummer history . . .

                             . . . I think I’ll here . . . tell it, if I may.
                          And, therefore, every gentle soul, I pray
                       That for God’s love you’ll hold not what I say
                          Evilly meant, but that I must rehearse,
                          All their tales, the better and the worse,
                         Or else prove false to some of my design.
                          — Geoffrey Chaucer, “The Miller’s Tale,”
                                 The Canterbury Tales

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