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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                 97
             leather” began with Ann-Margret in Kitten with a Whip (1964) and ended
             with Ilsa: She-Wolf of the SS (1975).
                My first mention of women in Drummer was at the time avant garde
             in my feature “Leather Christmas” which I wrote for the first issue I edited
             under my byline, Drummer 19 (December 1977). (I produced words and
             images for Drummer issues 14 to 18 and for the special issue, Son of Drum-
             mer, and ghost-edited Drummer 18, Drummer 31, 32, and 33.)
                Even though proprietor McEachern sometimes rented to female
             groups on separate nights, the Catacombs was a gentlemen’s club that
             “invited a few women” — specifically, Cynthia Slater. Janus was an edu-
             cational support group whose bisexual females “invited some sympathetic
             gay,  straight, and  bisexual men” who, of course, all turned out  to be
             gay and competing to pick up the straight men the women supposedly
                Those self-defined profiles made the Catacombs and Janus historical,
             but not representative of mainstream leather history which in the pioneer
             1970s was only beginning its wide-stream identity evolution:
                1) toward its first immediate self-fashioning masculine identity;
                2) toward the new wave of pop-culture S&M in advertising, fashion,
             and the arts; and
                3) toward the next wave of gender immigration of the 1980s when
             men died and women migrated in to nurse and nurture queer culture.
                AIDS enabled omni-gendered opportunists to inject their own virus.
             HIV was the Trojan Horse that prepared the way for the galloping Marx-
             ist coup whose political correctness started the gay civil war that turned
             the joyous “gay liberation” of the 1970s into the divisive “gay politics”
             of  the  1980s.  This  coup  was  driven  by  gay-left-wing  fundamentalists
             kneeling on their politically correct prayer rugs arrogantly demanding
             compulsory egalitarianism. It was sanctified by Foucault who, because
             he was not conventionally good-looking, confused sex with power.
                I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by political correct-
                Arts analyst Jane Kramer in The New Yorker named these trouble-
             makers “the storm troopers of political correctness.” (October 8, 2007,
             page 49)
                One day the “divisive far-out-wing GLBT conspiracy” may renounce
             its hateful heresy of declaring male-identified homosexuality anathema.
             In one generation, those gays disrespecting homomasculinity have become
             so Marxist and Fascist that if they could travel back to the future of their
             more liberated youth, they would denounce themselves for what they have
             become: saboteurs of an integrated and inclusive gay gestalt.

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