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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                 105
                    Fritscher: Because they like other men around.
                    Bean: But I didn’t think of me as a man.
                    Fritscher: You didn’t? But there’s nothing effeminate
                       about you.
                    Bean: But I tried desperately to be effeminate. I was
                       terribly unsuccessful. But I really tried, because,
                       I thought, there are men and then there are peo-
                       ple who like men, and I was one of the people
                       who liked men. It didn’t occur to me . . .
                    Fritscher: But that’s thinking like a heterosexual.
                    Bean: I was  raised  among heterosexuals  and
                       adopted their view.
                    Fritscher: But, see, homosexuality, the “homo” part
                       means “the same,” like, you like the same thing
                       you are.
                    Bean: I didn’t get that till I matured.
                    Is homomasculinity a new meme of gay natural selection?
                It’s as if masculine-identified homosexuals have come out as a
                brand-new gender requiring, among other gay-culture mutations,
                a bricolage of gay identity that breaks the traditional frames of
                acculturated effeminacy. The Darwinian Drummer, for instance,
                always served as a virtual gay Origin of the Species for leather-
                men, bears, and other evolutionary homomasculine identities.
                For instance, Bear magazine required the DNA of its ancestors,
                Drummer and Man2Man Quarterly.
                    Before, during, and after Drummer, I have been an eyewit-
                ness-participant as well as a critic-analyst of this kind of journal-
                istic thinking and this kind of local-color choice. When I decided
                to write a short story about 1960s gay liberation, I chose to write
                a campy drag-queen comedy titled “Stonewall, June 27, 1969, 11
                PM” rather than a leatherman story about the Drummer “Slave
                Auction” which no author has yet fictionalized on page or screen.
                    As a further eyewitness, let me add Tony Tavarossi who is as
                important to gay liberation history in San Francisco as his contem-
                porary, the drag-queen politician Jose Sarria. The homomasculine
                entrepreneur Tony Tavarossi was my longtime friend and sex play-
                mate from 1970 to 1981.

                No one else knows what I reveal here for the first time: he nick-
                named himself “Tony”; his birth name was Elloyd Tavarossi, and
                he was born December 17, 1933; he died of AIDS July 12, 1981,
                two days after the epic fire that destroyed the Barracks bath on
                Folsom Street, putting an end to the Titanic 1970s.

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