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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                 121

                           Summary Timeline

                       Quick Timeline & Cast of Characters
                            (The Evolution of Leather)

             •   Name Game: Who’s Who and Not Who
             •   Key Timeline: 14 Turning Points of Drummer
             •   3 Publishers
             •   2 Editors in Chief, Some Other Editors, and an Art Director

                          A List of Frequently Confused Names
                               Sorted for Convenience

             •   Mark Hemry, editor of this series of books, Gay San Francisco:
                Eyewitness Drummer
             •   John Henry Embry, first publisher of Drummer
             •   Don Embinder, publisher of Blueboy magazine
             •   Jim Enger, bodybuilder icon 1970s, Fritscher companion
             •   Kenneth Anger, magus and leather filmmaker, Scorpio Rising
             •   John Rowberry, editor (never editor in chief) beginning in
                Drummer 40 through 86
             •   Robert Opel, Academy Award streaker, Fey-Way Gallery
                founder, and murdered Drummer photographer and writer
             •   Robert Mapplethorpe, photographer, Fritscher companion
             •   Sam Steward aka Phil Andros aka Phil Sparrow, legendary
                forebear of gay male writing and leather culture: intimate of
                Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas, Chuck Renslow, Dom Ore-
                judos, and Fritscher
             •   Jim Stewart, photographer, Fritscher housemate, early SoMa
             •   David Andrew Sparrow, Fritscher domestic partner (1969-1979;
                gay marriage by Catholic priest Jim Kane in Manhattan, May
                7, 1972); his name bylines Drummer photography shot by Spar-
                row-Fritscher together
             Hemry is not Embry; there is no “Mark Hembry.” Robert Mapplethorpe
             is not Robert Opel; there is no “Robert Opelthorpe.”

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