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126                                     Jack Fritscher, Ph.D.
            1. “California Street Drummer ” Drummer 12 - Drummer 18: 311 Califor-
            nia Street (Embry’s first office in the prestigious Robert Dollar Building),
            San Francisco, on masthead.
            2. “Divisadero Street Drummer ” Drummer 19 - Drummer 31: 1730 Divis-
            adero Street (a down-at-heel Victorian), San Francisco, on masthead;
            “Divisadero Drummer” is the Drummer edited by Jack Fritscher (14-17,
            plus ghost-editor of Drummer 18, Drummer 31, 32, and 33).

            3. “Harriet Street Drummer ” Drummer 32- following: 15 Harriet Street (a
            dump over a garage), San Francisco, on masthead; later, offices on Folsom
            Street followed by Natoma Street and Shipley Street.

            “EDITOR IN CHIEF”
            1. Jeanne Barney: Drummer 1 - Drummer 11 + hybrid issues Drummer 12,
            Drummer 13; outspoken founding LA editor in chief of Drummer (1975),
            and columnist, “Smoke from Jeannie’s Lamp”; editor of Dateline: The
            NewsMagazine of Gay America (1976); Leather Awards Humanitarian of
            the Year (1976); the only woman arrested by the LAPD at the Drummer
            “Slave Auction” and main contact for follow-up print and television news
            coverage; eyewitness to Drummer history through association since 1973
            with founding publisher John Embry and to leather history since 1972
            through Larry Townsend.

            2. Jack Fritscher: Drummer 19 - Drummer 30, Son of Drummer, + hybrid
            issues Drummer 14-18 and Drummer 31-33; Fritscher and Shapiro re-
            fashion Drummer while covering publisher Embry’s long absences as he
            seemed to fall ill in 1978 and during his Spring 1979 cancer surgery and
            recuperation. See Embry’s “thank you note” in “Getting Off,” Drum-
            mer 30, 4th Anniversary Issue, June 1979. Anthony DeBlase in Drummer
            100: “With Drummer 19 Jack Fritscher came upon the scene [where he
            had been producing behind the scenes since Drummer 14, ghost-editing
            Drummer 18]. Under Jack’s direction SM per se became less prominent,
            and rough and raunchy sexuality often written by Jack himself became
            the main theme.”

            1. “Robert Payne” aka John Embry. Following Fritscher’s 1970s identity-
            driven Drummer exploring the new “gender” of gay masculinity with its

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