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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                127
             many foci, Embry reductively focused Drummer on the leather-pageant
             contest, Mr. Drummer.

             2. John W. Rowberry. Following Fritscher, Rowberry was never “editor
             in chief” of Drummer; Rowberry had arrived from LA looking for work
             after quitting as the night porter at the Ramada Inn on Santa Monica
             Boulevard in WeHo; Rowberry was listed as “assignment editor” from
             Drummer 31 through Drummer 39, and finally — thirteen months after
             Fritscher’s exit — as “editor” beginning in Drummer 40. Changing Drum-
             mer from Fritscher’s 1970s reader-reflexive verite magazine of masculine
             culture, Rowberry reductively focused Drummer on genitality, on Mr.
             Drummer  leather contests, and on video stars. After Rowberry exited
             Drummer, Embry turned on him and wrote in Manifest Reader (1997),
             page 79, that Rowberry was “no authority on the type of action” that
             Embry’s readers preferred. Some years after Rowberry’s death on Decem-
             ber 4, 1993, founding Los Angeles editor in chief Jeanne Barney wrote: “I
             found Rowberry to be a good writer (when I edited him), but based on his
             editorial skills in magazines where he had sole editorial responsibilities,
             well, to be frank, he sucked.”
             3. Tim Barrus. Provocative associate editor for only five issues, with pub-
             lisher Anthony DeBlase, wrote his first fiery editorial in Drummer 117
             (June 1988), page 4; earlier his fiction had appeared in Embry’s Drummer
             67, 72, and 77. He also appeared unnamed in a photograph with and by
             Mark I. Chester in Drummer 138, page 24. In Drummer 122 (October
             1988), a presidential election year, publisher DeBlase noted on page 4:

                Barrus Resigns. I regret having to announce that Tim Barrus has
                resigned as Associate Editor. I was quite pleased with many of
                the improvements he had made in the magazine and with many
                of his plans for the future. However, he became quite concerned
                about Justice Department persecution of publishers of erotica
                and decided to sever his relationship with Desmodus Inc.

             4. Joseph W. Bean. Editor (Drummer 133 - Drummer 158 + hybrid issues
             Drummer  159 - Drummer  161) with editorial coordinator Marcus-Jay
             Wonacott; in the process of exiting, Bean’s name does not appear on the
             masthead of ill-fated Drummer 161 (March 1993) which was  allegedly
             mostly shredded and not distributed because of legal action over Drum-
             mer’s copyright violation of the World Wrestling Federation word, Wres-
             tlemania; Bean, however, aids DeBlase’s exit and maintains continuity
             through the sale of Drummer to Martijn Bakker; Bean was the “earth-

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