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146                                     Jack Fritscher, Ph.D.
                   letters to the editor, complaints? Drop them off anony-
                   mously. No names will be used — in fact, the anonymity
                   is half the fun and all the freedom of saying what you
                   have to say in a place where you will be heard.
                       The title  Pulse is an exclamatory reaction to the
                   general acrotism of the college students. Nine out of ten
                   collegians have a ring in the nose. [No one could have
                   predicted that the metaphor would years later trans-
                   gress into into a fashion accessory.] But that servility
                   can be broken.
                       Lastly, this issue is not perfect. We hope each suc-
                   ceeding one will be better as you make it known what
                   you want: more about politics? Monsters? Philosophy?
                   Liturgy? Fellow students?
                       “We stand on the edge of a New Frontier. Give us
                   your voice, your hand . . . . ”
                       Address all correspondence: The Editor, Suite 233.

          ©Jack Fritscher, Ph.D., All Rights Reserved—posted 05-05-2017
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