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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                 147
             III. Eyewitness Illustrations

              Catholic Preview of Entertainment (June 1962) published Fritscher’s closeted feature,
              “James Dean: Magnificent Failure.”

                   Captions: Eyewitness documentation of the existence of graphics providing
                   internal evidence supporting Jack Fritscher’s text are located in the Jack Fritscher
                   and Mark Hemry GLBT History collection. Out of respect for issues of copy-
                   right, model releases, permissions, and privacy, some graphics are not available
                   for publication at this time, but can be shown by appointment.

                        Book cover. James Dean, A Biography by William Bast, New York: Bal-
              Eyewitness  lantine Books, 1956. Having had William Bast’s closeted biography of his
             Illustration life with James Dean on his bookshelf in the 1950s, Fritscher abandoned
                        Bast’s pre-Stonewall timidity when he wrote his own frank erotic biogra-
             phy of his life with photographer Robert Mapplethorpe titled Mapplethorpe: Assault with a
             Deadly Camera.

                        Two book covers. A Street Car Named Desire by Tennessee Williams, Signet,
                        1951. One Arm and Other Stories by Tennessee Williams, New Directions,
             Illustration 1954. Having written academia’s first doctoral dissertation on Tennessee
                        Williams (1967), Fritscher continued to reference Williams’ influence on
             homomasculine leather culture in Williams’ scripts and casting, and made Tennessee Wil-
             liams part of the theatrical subtext and ritual iconography of Drummer: A Streetcar Named
             Desire, Suddenly Last Summer, “One Arm,” and “Desire and the Black Masseur.”

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