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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                 151
                For biographical purposes, the two quotes following, may be useful
             expository sketches at the beginning of this series of books.
                My college graduation yearbook (1961) characterized “John Frit-
             scher” with the artsy profile:

                This young knave about campus has been involved in muchly
                [sic, current slang] as co-author of Glee Club Show 1959 . . . Choir
                3 and 4.  Josephinum Review  staff,  stage  crew . . . likes  stereo
                soundtracks, Georges Rouault, horrible puns, and has a secret
                ambition to live in Greenwich Village . . . often seen hatching new
                “insanities” for public consumption . . . . has a Puritan conscience
                but the will of a Nietzsche; would dive off the 30-story bell tower
                into a damp hankie for a laugh.

                Sixteen years before, my kindergarten teacher inked in on my report
             card (1944-1945):

                Jackie . . . converses well . . . .  has definite ideas and is not afraid
                to  express  them . . .   Very  expressive . . .   Tells  experiences  very
                fluently . . . .  Good balance in giving and taking and can be
                assertive . . . .  Shows ability to solve problems . . . .  Does good art
                work . . . .  skips well . . . .  shows interest in trying to sing a tune
                which is an improvement. Also loves stories . . . .  In spontaneity,
                he is independent . . . .  Stands up for his rights . . . .  Is inclined to
                tattle . . . . . He should do well in first grade.

                In the on-going tattling department, some other bishops and one
             cardinal who were my schoolmates include Bishop William Skylstad
             (current president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops),
             Bishop X [my good straight friend whose name is deleted], and Bernard
             Cardinal Law who was infamous for his molestation cover-ups in Boston.
             After Bernie Law gave his sworn deposition in Massachusetts, playwright
             Michael Murphy adapted Law’s words to expose the nature of “sins of
             omission” in Sin: A Cardinal Deposed which, as a drama, was positively
             reviewed in Variety, June 28-July 11, 2004. As for Bernie Law, the Pope
             swiftly swept him off to Rome and installed him in a palace as a protected
             Prince of the Church, safe from future testimony in the US.
                That back story said, my S&M-y noir tale of “J. Cristobal” had to be
             approved by papal censors before I was allowed to mail it to an assortment
             of editors in the Catholic press. Perhaps they enjoyed it.

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