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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                 161

                A Letter from the Some-Things-Never-Change Department

                Catholic Preview of Entertainment Magazine
                Catholic Periodicals, Inc.
                Seminary Hill
                Carmel, New York

                July 23, 1962

                Dear Mr. Fritscher,
                Please excuse this delay in answering your letter of July 12 regard-
                ing copies and payment for your article, “James Dean: Magnificent
                Failure.” But, I was on a one week vacation and upon returning I
                was struck with, of all the things, the mumps!
                    Nevertheless, I am sending, under separate cover, six cop-
                ies of the June issue of “Catholic Preview” to your Willow Lane
                    I submitted a bill for $60, on April 9, to Mr. Saunders, the
                publisher. Although I have absolutely no authority in the financial
                end of this magazine — only Mr. Saunders has — I am more than
                embarrassed over the neglect shown you. I will inform him, most
                strongly, of this oversight, since I still feel that your piece was one
                of the best examples of writing ever carried by this publication. He
                is on vacation at the moment but will return on July 30.
                Robert Papierowicz
                Executive Editor

                Oh, and then there was that huge two-page — accidentally “beef-
             cake-glamour” — photo-spread I wrote and photographed about a chaste
             seminarian’s last days before ordination which seemed much like a
             groom’s before his wedding. As I would for Drummer fifteen years later,
             I produced, wrote, and photographed “The Long Last Days Before the
             Priesthood: A Story for School’s End.”
                It was a nostalgic piece for The Josephinum Review (05/22/63) pub-
             lished the week the pope’s apostolic delegate arrived to conduct  ordinations.
             Naturally, as if I were producing a USMC recruiting layout, I picked the
             hottest and manliest of the twenty-five-year-olds being ordained. He was
             a southern blond, built and hairy. My camera gave me authority over
             him. He took my direction and he photographed handsomely, posing in

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