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204                                     Jack Fritscher, Ph.D.
            material, which is actually our group autobiography, for the last fifty years
            in fiction and nonfiction.
               Ask Patricia Morrisroe. Be wary of wannabe artistes and stenographic
            historiennes who sacrilegiously and pompously invoke our dead whose
            history they claim to be “saving” from oblivion.
               They actually think they’re arriving in our life as if our life were
            abandoned and as if major talents have not kept full record of our life.
               Sacre bleu!
               I mean it’s nice that foreign graduate students and tenure-hungry
            academics want to formulate leather on the head of a Prufrockian pin.
            True scholarship is, of course, welcome, even needed; but true scholars
            never make the actual “source people” and “source material” disappear so
            the scholar can appear to be the source.
               That’s theft of intellectual property.
               This is not ad hoc or ad hominem. It’s not even an issue. It’s a principle
               It’s peculiar that every group has roots except white male faggot
               Ask Maya Angelou.
               Why shouldn’t this particular leather pop culture history be best told
            by the actual “author”-ities, the men who created it for males, lived it as
            males, and recorded it, not as separatists but as humanists. The sexual lib-
            eration fronts included everybody; gay men were just more immediately
            intense about succeeding.
               All the male witness-authors, witness-photographers, and witness-
            artists who have been vastly creative and widely published for this last half
            a century have long done quite well mapping our leatherman’s history.
            And, frankly, these deeply established writers don’t appreciate the lesbigay
            bandito scholarship that literally steals facts, dates, names, vocabulary,
            and concepts from intellectual property that certain wannabe scholars
            then fail to acknowledge by so much as a footnote. (I am naming them in
            my will.)
               Ask those semi-plagiarists who know who they are. You can always
            spot the usual suspects. They arrived post-1980 on the leather scene; they
            became first noticeably active at exactly the same time as AIDS; they write
            the trendspeak of political correctness; and they endlessly use the cliched
            rhetoric of queer studies — a language invented by academics who must
            publish or perish.
                Despite such faux prophets in our midst, do seek your spirituality,
            mystical experiences, and transcendence, but not in gay magazines and
            leather literature — much of it written under the fundamentalist thumb of
            cultish egos and media money — published by straight males and edited
            by women for gay men. (Read the mastheads on magazines.)

          ©Jack Fritscher, Ph.D., All Rights Reserved—posted 05-05-2017
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