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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                205
                Be somewhat sophisticated when seeking advice, because while
             homosexuality has been declared not a mental disorder, homosexuals
             themselves can still be mentally ill.
                Even Larry would ask, should you really “Ask Larry”?
                Don’t let the horizon of your life be the skyline of Castro, SoMa,
             WeHo, SoHo, or Chelsea. For instance, when some certain — but cer-
             tainly not all — leather “facilitators” get together to jerk each other off in
             public so they can spout S&M advice on anything, run away, little leather
             boy, as fast as you can — until you actually check out what might be their
             measurable credentials and actual biases.
                Do you really want to sit at the feet of the Leather Bourgeoisie? Ask
             Brando: “The horror!” Check out the “facilitators” as carefully as you
             would a strange bondage Top.
                 If the talkers prove to be objectively credible, still remain your own
             best critic about anybody telling you anything. S&M leather is art. Unlike
             those bed-fellows, fundamentalist religious morality and fundamentalist
             lesbigay politics, it has no right or wrong way. Art transcends morality.
             You can “Ask Larry” as readers have for years, but . . . can you trust him?
             Uh! Trust, and the doubt about trust, razor-sharpen the double edge that
             makes leather fetish gear and S&M ritual play delicious.
                 Remember: there actually exist real live men who will tie you up and
             torture you until they cum!
                 I first applied the words sensuality and mutuality to S&M in print
             in 1972, but . . . can you trust the context of this Introduction? What if
             homosexuality exists for entertainment purposes only? Hey, that’s the
             definition of recreational sex, which is a synonym for plain old Lust. Ask
             Larry. The playful sense of The Leatherman’s Handbook keeps its principle
             of sexual titillation ahead of any humanoid issue.
                You have to love a Handbook that is a guide to gay cannibalism! The
             author is the camp counselor telling scary, wonderful tales, mixed with
             just enough cautionary advice to encourage credibility, suspend disbelief,
             and give the audience goosebumps while imparting common sense for
             playing dangerous games.

             As in the classic film Casablanca, sooner or later everyone comes to Rick’s.
             Sooner or later everyone reads some classic Larry Townsend. The r/evo-
             lutionary discussion Larry opened up a quarter of a century ago about
             S&M continues, because Leather’s taboo is as strong as Leather’s totem.
             This kind of erotic narcotic gets readers’ attention and keeps the players’

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