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214                                     Jack Fritscher, Ph.D.
            polished up the “unedited version” which was a mix of the two. Tony
            DeBlase, years later, actually paid money to buy the ailing Drummer and
            became its publisher.
               Other 70s graduates of Writer’s Aid include some wonderful current
            erotic writers who can reveal her/his/their own names ad libitum. So,
            actually, John F. Karr in the Bay Area Reporter (BAR) was right about my
            conscious nurturing of the South of Market leather fetish porn style.
               Lesbigay conferences, hosted by historical-revisionist groupies, are
            full of certain gay authors of a certain age claiming they and their exclu-
            sive circles invented gay writing while all living in the same apartment
            building in Manhattan.
               Fucking weird, man.
               No one invented gay literature anymore than someone invented Irish
            literature or African-American literature or women’s literature.
               Yet we all participate. In 1999, helping gay literature come out of the
            closet, I contributed the title story to Chasing Danny Boy which was the
            first anthology of gay male Irish writing. Having immersed myself repeat-
            edly in Dublin culture, I combined two ancient Irish myths collected by
            Lady Gregory with a stream-of-consciousness style that suits lives lived
            with orgasmic intensity. Style sample:

                   In Dublin, the Banshee queen himself could well imagine
               the four lads from the punk band rolling in the fast-forward,
               slow-motion, and freeze-frame of the porno videos shelved in
               his rental shop. The hot wet mouths of those handsome hand-
               some handsome swanlike boys lipping down slow then eager on
               jutting cocks spit wet tongued fucking pink butt yes like dogs
               taking every shape cum spurting on lips nose eye lashes stripped
               naked in the shed barn woods no no no yes linen sheets stained
               with shit dewlaps hot young sweat browning each other those
               four drip cum into me into you fuck into you fuck me oh yes
               wipe it on me eat it eat it swallow more more more fucking yes
               you and you and you those four lads ah ah ah.
                    — Stream-of-consciousness orgy scene from “Chasing
               Danny Boy,” the title story in the 1999 fiction anthology, Chas-
               ing Danny Boy: Powerful Stories of Celtic Eros, Finalist Best Gay
               and Lesbian Fiction, collected and edited by Mark Hemry.

               Erotic content for me spins out of specific characters in a specific
            place at a specific time, so that the convergence of the quite “specific” nails
            a certain “universality” of human truth.

          ©Jack Fritscher, Ph.D., All Rights Reserved—posted 05-05-2017
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