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216                                     Jack Fritscher, Ph.D.
               looked for all my life: the chance to say Yes to a man like that. I
               look in men for nothing more than that affirmative something
               that grabs you and won’t let you look away. Maintaining my full
               self, to have some plenty to offer back in balance, I’ve looked
               for some man who fills in the appropriate existential blanks,
               for some man to be the way a man is supposed to be, for some
               man to keep on keeping on with, in all the evolving variations
               of friendship and fraternity, beyond the first night’s encounter.
               I’ve looked for that to happen: to be able to say Yes inside myself
               when a good, clean glow of absolute trust settles over the world.
               Honest manliness is never half-revealed. When it’s there, it’s all
               right there in front of you. The hardest thing to be in the world
               today is a man . . . . When Ryan first saw Kick, I dare say, his fan-
               tasy spanned a million years.
                    — Aria, “Archetype,” from the novel,  Some Dance to
               Remember, published by Elizabeth Gershman, Knight’s Press,
               1990; The Haworth Press, 2005.

               Erotica is storytelling.
               Erotica is pillow-talk.
               Erotica is what you whisper into an ear to seduce.
               Erotica is what you say in bed to bend your partner into three more
               Erotica is what you promise afterwards to make sure you get sex
               If I may make a comment as one of the first and longest living gay
            writers/editors, lesbigay authors in the 21  century need to get their sto-
            rytelling shit together. Lesbigay writing should be as good as straight
            writing, or better — especially if the Queer Eye minstrel fantasy is true
            that lesbigays have better taste than straights.
               Look at the lesbigay magazines!
               Most of the illustrations look like the drawings of mental patients.
               Most of the models, pro or amateur, have dead faces.
               Much lesbigay writing reads the same: mental and dead. Humorless.
               Lesbigay erotic narrative is largely unimaginative: “I went to a bar,
            met a god who took me off on his bike, fucked me, and left me, but I’ll
            never forget him, because he was my first time.”
               GLBT writers need to develop titles, story arcs, character back stories,
            dialog, points-of-view other than the “first person narrator,” and certainly
            not one more “sensitive soul coming-of-age story” which deserves the “No
            More Wire Hangers Award”!

          ©Jack Fritscher, Ph.D., All Rights Reserved—posted 05-05-2017
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