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218                                     Jack Fritscher, Ph.D.
            straight interloper —found gay-culture verite to be. Was Patsy pissed that
            my frankly honest Mapplethorpe memoir beat her puritanical Catholic
            school-girl biography into stores, and was the first book on Mapplethorpe
            ever published? (And I didn’t inbreed in the corporate “incest” between
            Random House and The New Yorker!)
               Anyway, this King of Sleaze thanks Ms. P. M. for her straight rant
            which in the inverted gay world is wonderful endorsement, actually, for
            quoting on covers of books with an exclamation point:  . . . a new erotic
            novel by “The King of Sleaze”! Style sample:

                        READER DISCRETION ADVISORY
               This pop culture memoir contains sex, lies, greed, perversion,
               murder, deceit, infidelity, drugs, sex, immorality, scatology,
               ambition, sex, equivocation, character assassination, slander,
               blasphemy, aspersion, sex, betrayal, distortion, racism, ungodli-
               ness, sodomy–and that’s just the critics of Mapplethorpe!
                    — First page, before title page of the erotic bio-memoir,
               Mapplethorpe: Assault with a Deadly Camera, published in hard
               cover by Hy Stierman, Hastings House, 1994
               Educated in Catholic schools, I can’t seem not to write “sexy.” I try,
            but even my earliest stories, published in — believe it or not — Roman
            Catholic magazines — are erotic subliminally, written as they are about
            virgin-saints fighting impurity, martyrs suffering joyously under the
            sadistic hands in the Colosseum, and revolutionaries in Latin America
            nailed to the roofs of cars by the policia in my 1961 story, “The Untimely
            Death of J. Cristobal.” (Get the coded name?)
               My stories were “out” erotically before I was, in fact, before I knew
            that sex, or homosexuality even existed.
               For a fictional memoir “take” on this, check out my first novel, the
            pre-quel to 1990’s Some Dance to Remember, titled What They Did to
            the Kid: Confessions of an Altar Boy (1966). Kid is totally overheated eros
            told from inside “the closet,” so it is a new kind of gay genre — a novel of
            the closet — that takes place before there is any coming-out story. Kid is,
            however, strictly in the tradition of mid-century novels such as Graham
            Greene’s The End of the Affair.
               When straight people ask me what I write, I say, “Men’s adventure
               All my stories are relationship stories disguised as adventure stories
            (“Wild Blue Yonder”), comedy stories (“By Blonds Obsessed’), revenge
            stories  (“The  Lords  of  Leather,”  very  Edgar  Allen  Poe),  fetish  stories
            (“Cigar Sarge,” “K-9 Dog Dik,” “Foreskin Blues”), war stories (“The

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