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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                 219
             Shadow Soldiers”), leather stories (“S&M Ranch”), bear stories (the one-
             sentence, 3500-word “Three Bears in a Tub”), gym stories (“Father and
             Son Tag Team”), muscle stories (“Buzz Spaulding’s Training Academy”),
             sci-fi stories (“Roughnight@sodom.cum” which won the Richard Labonté
             Different Light award for best title), and twinkie stories (“A Beach Boy
             Named Desire”).
                I write stories of the future (“Earthorse”) and the past (“Titanic,” the
             gay version), as well as ethnic stories (the Irish “Chasing Danny Boy,” the
             Native-American and German “Buckskin Foreskin,” and the Latin “From
             Nada to Mañana”).
                Hell, I even write sapphic stories for straight magazines and lesbian
             novels (The Geography of Women: A Romantic Comedy) that win awards,
             despite being told by one prestigious reviewer at the Harvard Gay and
             Lesbian Review: “I know how to review your gay male porno, but I don’t
             know how to review a man writing about women.”
                Duh. Such anti-humanist bigotry! Could he review  A Streetcar
             Named Desire?
                I’m known for helping editors out at the last minute when other
             writers don’t meet the deadline. Editors beginning new magazines often
             invite me in to their first issue for good luck on the kickoff (Skin, Just Men,
             Inches, Bear, Fetish Noir, etc.).
                To sustain a porno career, and a writing career, one must stretch,
             grow with the times, as in sometimes changing my byline to my web
             address “”
                I’m famous for pastness, memoirs, but also hot on the latest nov-
             elty. I’m always trying to refresh the gray column inches of gay publish-
             ing, books and mags, with alternative erotic genres: plays (“Corporal in
             Charge of Taking Care of Captain O’Malley” which was the only gay
             play published in the Lammy Award canonical collection, Gay Roots) and
             screenplays (Buck’s Bunkhouse), and features written in Internet e-style
             (“The Genome of Bear” for Bear Classic 2000, “The Genome of Leather”
             for “The Leather Magazine of Record,” Checkmate Magazine).
                I’ve written a ton of lesbian erotica for major straight publishers (Larry
             Flynt), because I’m a humanist, and not a slave to the failed Marxism of
             political correctness, and will defend to the death my pal Pat Califia’s
             right to advise gay men about their penises.
                Camille Paglia and I not long ago appeared together on a BBC
             Channel 4 TV program titled Priapus Unsheathed defending the penis
             as erotica for both women and men. These female/male gender-liaisons
             occur because writers are thinkers, analysts, and, maybe cultural weather
             vanes, as well as storytellers.

           ©Jack Fritscher, Ph.D., All Rights Reserved—posted 05-05-2017
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