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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                223
                    The Stoker stripped naked to his boots. Edward shucked
                his clothes and shoes. A sailor started rapping a rhythmic tat-
                too on the iron railing in time to the rods pistoning the huge
                engines. The Stoker was a stroker, wrapping both big hands
                around his cock, squeezing out a third handful, vein-popping
                the bulbous mushroom head, its piss-slit dripping translucent
                4-weight lube webs. His was a savage cock, primitive, animal,
                evolved somehow, from the mountain giants of Eastern Europe
                into a steel-hard, mechanized piston. The way his ox-driving
                ancestors wielded their barbarian swords, the Stoker aimed his
                ram at Edward like some unstoppable industrial weapon . . . . The
                Stoker was the stuff of Edward’s dreams.
                     — Orgy scene in the novella, Titanic, from the collection
                of 69 stories in 4 volumes, Titanic: Forbidden Stories Hollywood
                Forgot, 1999, first published in  Uncut Magazine, September
                1988, and Mach Magazine #35, March 1997.

                Distinct objective  dialog drives the  two-man  play or  screenplay,
             “Corporal in Charge of Taking Care of Captain O’Malley,” which first
             appeared in Drummer 22 and Drummer 23 (May and July 1978). How
             many porno writers bother to do dialog to catch the very rhythms of sex?
             This drama opens up the erotic back-story behind Walt Whitman’s poem,
             “Oh, Captain, My Captain.” Style sample:
                    Captain O’Malley: Stick your tongue out so you
                       can take the Captain’s cum that’s cuming out
                       of his big dick.
                    Corporal Powell: Ahhhgh! Yessir. Please, Sir.
                    O’Malley: You keep that fuckin ’mouth open. You
                       keep that fuckin’ mouth open.
                    Powell: Ahhh.
                    O’Malley: Captain’s gonna shoot a big load all over
                       your fuckin’ face . . . all over your fuckin’ face.
                       I’m gonna shoot a load all over your fuckin’
                       face, Corporal. It’s gettin’ close . . . Big fuckin’
                       load from the Captain’s cock . . . I’m gonna shoot
                       all over your fuckin’ face.
                    Powell: Oh, please, Sir. My God! Yessir! (With feel-
                       ing) Yessir!
                    O’Malley: Your legs are quivering, Corporal.
                    Powell: Ahhhgh . . . I want, Sir . . . . Please, Sir. Hurry
                       and cum, Sir. Please, I’m ready.

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