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224                                     Jack Fritscher, Ph.D.
                   O’Malley: Awright! Shoot that load. Shoot your
                      fuckin’ load.
                   Powell: Yessir!
                   O’Malley: C’mon, Corporal, shoot  your  fuckin’
                      load. Shoot your fuckin’ load. Captain’s close.
                      Captain’s close . . . Oh, look at that cum cuming
                   Powell: Ahhhgh! Yes, ahh, yessir.
                   O’Malley: Look at that fuckin’ cum. Ah, Corpo-
                      ral, cum’s cuming out. (High cries of orgasm)
                      Ohhaaaggh, there it comes. All over your
                      fuckin’ face, it’s all over your fuckin’ face, Cor-
                      poral. It’s in your fuckin’ eyes.
                   Powell: I can’t see. It’s in my eyes.
                   O’Malley: Ow, your fuckin’ mouth, your fuckin’
                      chest, ahhh!
                   Powell: I can’t see . . . . It’s burning my eyes . . .
                   O’Malley: The Captain shot a load. In your hair,
                   Powell: Yessir.
                   O’Malley: You got cum in your hair.
                   Powell: Yessir. Ahhh.
                   O’Malley: The Captain wants to wipe your eyes,
                      Corporal. (Post-orgasmic moans interspersed
                      with dialogue) The Captain wants to hold you,
                   Powell: Yessir.
                   O’Malley: The Captain want you to hold him.
                   Powell: Yessir. Ahhh. Captain. Ah, Captain. Just
                      lay on top of me, Sir.
                   O’Malley: Big fuckin’ Corporal to hold his Cap-
                      tain . . .
                   Powell: Yessir. Oh God. Layin’ on top of me, Sir.
                      This is really fine. Oh God. I needed that, Sir.
                      This is really fine. Oh God. I had a rough day
                      too, Sir . . .
                   O’Malley: Lick the rest of the cum out of the Cap-
                      tain’s cock . . .
                   Powell: Yessir. Does the Captain have to piss, Sir?
                   Close shot: CAPTAIN O’MALLEY’s face grin-
                      ning. Medium shot: slow motion. CAPTAIN
                      O’MALLEY’s semi-hard dick pisses heavy and

          ©Jack Fritscher, Ph.D., All Rights Reserved—posted 05-05-2017
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