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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                225
                       golden down on CORPORAL POWELL who
                       drinks fast. Gulping.
                    Powell: OH, CAPTAIN! My Captain!
                    O’MALLEY rubs his tight hairy belly. The piss
                       splashes in slow motion, catching the back
                       light, golden. Both men are laughing.
                 — Final scene from “Corporal in Charge of Taking Care of
                Captain O’Malley” from the collection of 69 stories in 4 vol-
                umes, Corporal in Charge and Other Stories; first published in
                Drummer, May 1978; published in the canonical Gay Roots: An
                Anthology of Gay History, Sex, Politics and Culture, 1991
                I used subjective streaming monolog plus carefully designed dialect
             spelling to tell the 3,500 word story, “Three Bears in a Tub,” in one
             sentence that never takes a breath, yet is rather perfectly punctuated. The
             dialect is the same as the dialect designed for my first-person narrator in
             my lesbian novel of the American South in the 1950s, The Geography of
             Women: A Romantic Comedy. Style sample:

                Listen here, boy, there’ll be no hibernatin till after I finish tellin
                you this bedtime story about Big Daddy when he was himself
                hardly more than a boy and he turned into a six-foot-five man
                and what he done to earn that reputation he got that famous
                summer on Bear Lake when the canoe overturned late around
                midnight and Big Daddy saw them two young hairy fishermen
                floppin like bears in the water next to drownin with their rubber
                boots suckin them down to the clear rock bottom and them able
                to stand just barely with their chin on the surface of the moonlit
                water . . . [omitting 5 pages] . . . and they was beggin Big Daddy to
                do with them what he wanted because he was their Big Daddy
                and they loved him so much and that’s what Big Daddy wanted
                to hear so he saved them both by cuttin them out of their rub-
                ber waders so they floated to the surface of Bear Lake and Big
                Daddy took ahold of them by their hair and beards and nipples
                and dicks and buttholes and pulled both them boys into his
                rowboat where they sat the rest of the night laughin and drinkin
                and shoutin through their beards at the moon while stars glis-
                tened between them nipple to nipple with comets shootin flume
                tails from their dicks and they floated ever so happy on the still
                  surface of the water while the real constellation of the Bear rose
                and set over their heads and their fudgey fingers sticky from
                their buttholes were all entwined in the fur on their chest and

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