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226                                     Jack Fritscher, Ph.D.
               the hair of their bellies and the carpet on their shoulders and the
               bush of their crotches and the hugeness of their beards and the
               curly sweep of the hair on their heads and they were all three of
               them so satisfied that the summer night smiled and half-asleep
               in each other’s big furry arms, Griz and Cub and Big Daddy
               drifted slow across the mirror of stars to their dock on Bear Lake
               as if the rowboat knew their way home.
                    — “Three Bears in a Tub” from 69 stories in 4 vol-
                   umes, Titanic: Forbidden Stories Hollywood Forgot, first
                   published in Bear Magazine Classic Annual 1999, and
                   in Best Gay Erotica 2001, as well as in Susie Bright’s Best
                   American Erotica 2003.

               In this filmic age, I attempt stories vivid enough to jump directly
            from page to performance.
               The Geography of Women and “Rainbow County” are virtual plays/
            screenplays ready for performance.
               Like it or not in our culture, literary pages are validated by the screen,
            which is why I enjoy the high concept of turning my written fiction into
            porno videos, and vice versa, as in Buck’s Bunkhouse Discipline.
               The final test of writing is reading the text out loud. If as a writer
            I stumble, stutter, when reading the lines, something is wrong with the
            lines. Re-write. Find the rhythm of the words, of the sex, of the scene, and
            write that rhythm.
               Faced with the huge difficulty of writing such a “confession” as this,
            I am tempted to retract the veracity of all these factual words, and turn
            fact into fiction, presented in a way that shows how reality is re-shaped
            by fiction, how autobiography turns to drama, how experience turns into
            entertainment. What follows is the erotic version of this preceding essay
            on writing. Style sample:

                   Not arrested, but picked up, questioned about what he did
               and how he did it, he told everything revealing nothing. On the
               table before him, the tips of his fingers, sensitive from years of
               typing, drummed the wood, impatient with the interrogation.
               From an ashtray, blue smoke from a half-twisted butt rose like
               incense at a seance toward the naked light bulb. He breathed in
               experience. He could feel the heat on his forehead. He exhaled
               fiction. Under the metal shade, the bulb hung like a burning
               pear, a scrotum, on a cord. He sat in the intense circle of light.
               He studied the detectives’ movement in the darkness beyond the

          ©Jack Fritscher, Ph.D., All Rights Reserved—posted 05-05-2017
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