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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                229

              Top: Business card for Words, 1975-1982, Jack Fritscher’s business connecting and pro-
              moting the talents of the Drummer salon. Bottom: Cover, Key West Literary Seminar:
              Literature in a Time of AIDS. In January 1997, the straight Key West hosts abruptly
              disbanded the conference after unruly behavior on the theater stage by a ranting Larry
              Kramer and by panelists Tony Kushner and Sarah Schulman who “ganged up” on the
              delicate Key West author Ann Beattie for being rather much a straight white woman
              capitalist who didn’t write enough about AIDS. In addition to eyewitness Fritscher
              who had returned to his fourth-row seat by walking down the aisle with the fire-
              breathing Kramer he had found working up to a tantrum in the men’s room, also
              in attendance were keynote speaker Edmund White, Frank Rich, Michael Denneny,
              David Leavitt, and Michael Bronski.

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