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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                 231

                   Framing Keywords of Queer Popular Culture

                 Written January-March 2005, this essay was published,
                 and an abstract read by the author, at the Queer Key-
                 words Conference, “The(e)ories: Advanced Seminars
                 for Queer Research” Series, University College Dublin,
                 Ireland, April 15, 2005.
                 I.  Author’s Eyewitness Historical-Context Introduction
                    written October 2, 2007
                 II.  The complete essay as published at the Queer
                    Keywords Conference, “The(e)ories: Advanced
                    Seminars for Queer Research” Series, University
                    College of Dublin, Ireland, April 2005, which invited
                    “the coiners of various homo-words to reflect on their
                    neologisms, their cultural and societal significance,
                    origins, contexts, political agendas, and so forth.”
                 III. Eyewitness Illustrations

             I. Author’s Eyewitness Historical-Context written October 2, 2007

                         Homo-Linguistics, Queer Identity, and
                         Framing Homosexuality as a Religion

                “You keep the language alive, you keep all of this alive.”
                 — Loretta Kelsey, “the last person on Earth fluent in Elem Pomo,
                an 8,000-year-old Pomo Tribe language once spoken North of San

                “Language is not just a monument to knowledge, it’s a monument to
                identity.”  — Leanne Hinton, Professor Emeritus, UC Berkeley, docu-
                menting Elem Pomo with Loretta Kelsey

                 — Kevin Fagan, “Only Living Elem Pomo Speaker Teaches So She
                Won’t Be the Last,” San Francisco Chronicle,, September
                30, 2007

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