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240                                     Jack Fritscher, Ph.D.
            Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, in order to gain the protection that the
            United States  Constitution extends to all religions. If Ron Hubbard got
            away with declaring Scientology a religion, why should homosexuality be
            any less sacred? Or any more taxed?
               Verbally, the Stone Age literature of the Bible, which has an opinion
            about absolutely everything, was apparently made speechless by homo-
            sexuality which like feminism’s primary goal separates sex from procre-
            ation. Sodomite seems geographical, and ignores Gomorrah, and has left
            law books confused about the definition of sodomy. “A man lying with
            another man as with a woman” is awkward in the way the German Fernse-
            happarat, “the far-seeing-apparatus,” means a TV set. The Bible is hardly
            a dictionary, but its binary thumpers use it like the New Oxford even
            though Scripture’s procreational chauvinism indicates that one half of a
            gay couple plays the woman which in truth would never enter the minds
            of two homomasculine men going at each other celebrating male essence
            and harvesting “manjuices.” When two homomasculine men are fuck-
            ing, neither is thinking about women anymore than two homofeminine
            women fucking on the L Word are thinking about men. Are there any
            keywords in Anglo-Saxon orgasm besides, shit, fuck, and Oh, God ?
               Most evangelicals — some of whom sincerely buy gay porno and
            gather in groups to study gay sins — have never actually seen gay sex
            except in DVDs that ape procreational sex insertion for the one reason
            that straight distributors insist gay producers include the heteronormative
            act of penetration in each feature. Actually, gay movies — not financed by
            straight mafias of whatever kind — fairly much reveal that sex for most
            gay men is less about anal penetration than it is about frottage, cocksuck-
            ing, priapic worship, and mutual masturbation.
               It does not require a degree in linguistics to figure out that the Bible,
            a misanthropic morass of ambiguity, has four thousand years of on-going
            translation issues that invalidate every single word in it. (The word homo-
            sexuality did not appear in the Bible until the Revised Standard Version of
            1946.) Too bad the Bible text — which has had more massages than Hugh
            Hefner — is a “moral identity document” to people who have mostly never
            read any other book and who believe in private interpretation of the Scrip-
            ture, but not in university classes teaching Literary Interpretation 101.
               Actually, Christianity, in its original form as Catholicism and its
            pseudo-reformed version as Protestantism, is a “revealed religion” that
            has really little or no business interpreting the intuitive psychology
            of homosexuality  which — and  here is where queer  culture can take
            Lakoff’s Elephant advice and reframe the debate to gain constitutional
            freedom — is a “natural religion” more ancient than pagans and Druids.
            Gays worshiped at Stonehenge eons before Stonewall. Revealed religions

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