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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                  7

                         Nobody Did It Better
                                by Joseph W. Bean

                          Lines in appreciation of Jack Fritscher
                          as he appeared in Drummer magazine

                Jack Fritscher \’jak-’friche  \ prop. noun — no plural poss.
                [Unique coinage, more at homomasculine]. 1. Legendary 20
                to 21  Century homocultural figure said to have war-painted
                himself with the splatter from strafing pop cultural icons and
                gay pseudo-leather cults with sweat-and cum-scented rounds
                fired from unimaginable heights at what he viewed as bastions of
                slow-moving and therefore false imagination below. 2. Variant
                view: mythical writer whose stream of sanity blew away posers,
                especially those clad in chaps or leather clothing, while attract-
                ing a following as he wrote his heart out into “ho-sex, mo-sex
                leathersex” reality, creating in his one lifetime an entire non-
                virtual world of both steam and substance.

             Drummer had a long run from June 1975 to its 214  issue dated April
             1999. Along the way, the magazine frankly created a good many writers,
             but it served a more important function for some writers. It gave them
             a forum where they were free to say what was most on their hearts and
             minds, what stirred them most powerfully in their guts and groins, and
             what got them off most perfectly. In those nearly 24 years, few writers
             took more complete advantage of the special soap-box that was Drum-
             mer magazine than Jack Fritscher. And very few were as well equipped
             as Fritscher to benefit the very particular readers of Drummer. He had
             not only the skills and talents, but the lifestyle and experience needed.
             In fact, maybe no one was better supplied with passions worth exposing
             to the half-formed world of leathersex for that matter. For volume (both
             much-ness and loudness) and frequency (both pitch and often-ness) and
             for both voracity and for veracity…for memorable texts and inescapable
             even cataclysmic juxtapositions of God and gonads, sweet perfection and
             drooling desire, nobody did it better. In the entire history of Drummer
             and its many spin-offs, “brother” publications and imitators, and in his

           ©Jack Fritscher, Ph.D., All Rights Reserved—posted 05-05-2017
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