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256                                     Jack Fritscher, Ph.D.
            up from the street and published as a very camp “editorial” in Drummer
            25 (December 1978) with his title, “Afraid You’re Not Butch Enough?”
            In truth, homomasculinity is no more patriarchal than the role playing
            of daddies and boys.
               Building the homo-word-hoard was a clear necessity in the 1970s
            gay civil war over terminology as “gays” fought “queens” fought “clones”
            fought “men who happened to be gay.” For historians who want to know
            how a keyword helps understand the past, there, recorded on the Rosetta
            Stone of Some Dance to Remember is, as written on the first page, the
            beginning of the 1970s “civil war between women and men and men” — a
            very uncivil civil war over keywords as gay lib morphed into gay politics. In
            a world of sliding gender, homomasculinity and bear actually have grown
            to include women: e.g., “Lesbears and Transbears: Dykes and FTMs as
            Bears.”9 And “Dykes on Bikes” has evolved from slur to trademark.
               Psychologically,  homomasculinity — and its attendant words from
            leather  to  bear — was needed as antidote to the self-hatred pushed at
            masculine-identified gay men whom other-identified gays considered part
            of straight masculine hegemony — particularly by queens ruling at the
            top of the hierarchy dominating early gay communities. (In 2005, sissy
            is now transforming as gay sites and publications use it — qualified — as
            in “‘self-proclaimed sissy’ Bill Porter’s one-man Broadway show.”) It is
            ironic when masculine gay men are blamed for the sins of straight men
            given that gay men get no “bump” from anyone for “being gay,” and
            then are bashed by straight men “because they are gay” and then — dou-
            ble indemnity — cursed by politically correct abusers because they are
            “male.” What’s good for the goose is good for the gander: if a woman
            wants to transgender into the Platonic ideal of a man, why criticize a man
            who wants the same ideal?
               My driving Drummer, and my cautionary tale Some Dance to Remem-
            ber, with its fictitiously coded Drummer magazine, Maneuvers, was about
            finding the apt projection of that part of one’s self that will control and
            discipline the self the way only self can. Therefore, only on the literal
            surface is homomasculinity about disciplinarian bikers and coaches; in
            truth, it is about identifying self discipline. Masculine-identified gay
            men have had to become positively self-reliant after the fashion of Ralph
            Waldo Emerson whose self-reliant person in mass media is the Marlboro
            cowboy who rides wordlessly across a subliminal Brokeback Mountain.
            That can-do erotic American cowboy image — reeking of homoerotic
            fraternity — I very specifically coopted off TV and billboards as the key
            subliminal behind every homomasculine face/body/attitude in every
            page, paragraph, and picture in Drummer. This iconic genesis out of the
            gay-friendly Emerson — by way of Walt Whitman’s blue-collar lust for

          ©Jack Fritscher, Ph.D., All Rights Reserved—posted 05-05-2017
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