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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                 259
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             1. Breeding and taxes: “Two groups opposed to gay marriage rights . . . argued
                that  the state has  a  legitimate  interest  in  restricting marriage  to
                opposite-sex couples as a way of encouraging procreation.”  — AP,
                FoxNews, 14 March 2005; “Connecticut could lose nearly $1 million
                a year because of decreased inheritance tax revenue if the state allows
                civil unions of same-sex couples.”  — AP, 13 March 2005, 365Gay.
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             4. For thirty years, I have noted the failure of queer studies in regard to
                gay magazines’ editorial and advertising contents, and applaud Paul
                Baker’s latter-day efforts in “No Fats, Femmes or Flamers: Changing
                Constructions of Identity and the Object of Desire in Gay Men’s
                Magazines,” B. Benwell and T. Edwards (eds), Masculinity and Men’s
                Lifestyle Magazines, 2004, which, nevertheless, overall, fails to bother
                to excavate the gay magazine roots of the 60s and 70s, particularly
                Drummer, which quickly grew hugely influential and became Inter-
                national Drummer.
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