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260                                     Jack Fritscher, Ph.D.
               Handbook  Silver  Anniversary  Edition,  Los  Angeles:  L.  T.  Publica-
               tions, 1997, pages 9-22.
            8. Edward Lucie-Smith, “Introduction,” Jack Fritscher’s American Men,
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            9. Suresha, op. cit., page 24.

            III. Eyewitness Illustrations

            New Words: Homomasculinity and Bears! “Virtual Drummer” was a concept bigger than
            Drummer which in the HIV 1980s shed its core 1970s sexuality and lost its underground
            edginess to Mr. Drummer contest coverage and video reviews. Continuing original-recipe
            Drummer “raw,” Man2Man Quarterly, the first ’zine of the 1980s, edited by Jack Fritscher
            and Mark Hemry, was announced in Drummer 30 (June 1979). The “Virtual Drummer”
            of the California Action Guide (1981-1982), edited by Fritscher, and published by Michael
            Redman in San Francisco, was a people’s tabloid that dared continue where Drummer left
            off. In the November 1982 California Action Guide, Fritscher was the first writer and editor
            to publish the word Bear on the cover of any publication. Filmmaker Wakefield Poole’s
            model “Roger” on the cover signified how the salon Fritscher had created around Drum-
            mer traveled with him to other publications. The second Drummer publisher Anthony
            DeBlase also helmed the “Virtual Drummer” of DungeonMaster after the manner of the
            first Drummer publisher John Embry who started up the “Virtual Drummer” movement
            in Mach and Manifest Reader.

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