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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                 261

                         Men South of Market

                 Written January 1977, this press-release essay was com-
                 posed at the request of photographer Jim Stewart, and
                 published in Drummer 14, April 1977.
                 I.  Author’s Eyewitness Historical-Context Introduction
                    written September 6, 2007
                 II.  The press-release essay as published in Drummer 14,
                    April 1977
                 III. Eyewitness Illustrations

             I.  Author’s Eyewitness Historical-Context Introduction written
                September 6, 2007

             We were all men South of Market.
                Drummer was very DIY.
                Just like the young Thoreau himself building his ten-by-fifteen-foot
             cabin with his own hands.
                With my contributions to Drummer listed in the “Timeline Index,”
             these four items show how, in my presence as editor in chief at Drummer
             from March 1977, I began to break the surface as a ghost-editor, ghost-
             producer, and ghost-writer before permitting my name to be signed in
             Drummer 19.
                In Drummer 14 (April 1977), my first formal writing, producing, and
             ghost-writing was the small press release and photo spread, “Men South
             of Market.”
                My second writing, producing, and ghost-writing in Drummer was
             for the issue containing my three varietal pieces, “Stunning Omission,”
             “Cock Casting,” and “Durk Parker” aka Durk Dehner in Drummer 15
             (May 1977).
                My third writing, producing, and ghost-editing was for the issue with
             my two pieces, “Tom Hinde Portfolio,” and the photo-feature for Jim
             Stewart’s “Johnny Gets His Hair Cut” in Drummer 16 (June 1977).
                My fourth entry as producer and ghost-editor was the photo-feature
             in Drummer 17 (July 1977), “Dungeons of San Francisco,” for which I
             brought together three of my best friends: the leather priest Jim Kane

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