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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                271
             announce he too was exiting Kalamazoo. Having never been to Mecca, he
             asked if he could move in with David and me. For his first six months in
             San Francisco, Jim Stewart lived with us at 4436 25  Street, and helped
             remodel my house and build my playroom dungeon. Made enthusiastic
             by the Castro-and-Folsom parade of handsome men, Jim Stewart picked
             up his Nikon with a brilliant purpose he had not had in Kalamazoo. He
             invented himself as Keyhole Studios and took his first photographs at our
             25  Street house.
                Rewinding the chronology exactly, Jim Stewart wrote to me on Sep-
             tember 4, 2007:

                My first photos at your house were shot on Bastille Day 1975
                when I flew out to visit you before I moved to San Francisco.
                To insure that I would return to San Francisco, you pierced my
                ear in your kitchen before a guy picked me up for the airport.
                You told me, Jack, that our lives are like films and we are all our
                own directors. I too am such a determinist. I quit my job at the
                Campus Theater and moved to San Francisco around October
                4, 1975.
                Even before the Bicentennial, July 4, 1976, we had a thriving neo-
             hippie commune of artists which was the seed for creating a salon at
             Drummer. Another commune at the time was the salon lounging about
             the Hula Palace at 19  and Castro Street where, among others living
             there, were the singer Sylvester, and the artist Robert Kirk, also known as
             Cirby, whose work often appeared in Drummer. In the 1970s, Cirby was
             the star bartender at the Midnight Sun on Castro.
                (For intricate details, see Some Dance to Remember: A Memoir-Novel
             of San Francisco 1970-1982, Reel 2, Scene 4, to find more information on
             Robert Kirk, Sylvester, the Hula Palace, Harvey Milk, and how Castro
             Street grew. On May 7, 1989, I shot Robert Kirk for one of my Palm Drive
             Video features and clicked off more than a hundred photographs of him
             in fetish gear of his own choosing. Robert “Cirby” Kirk was born July 22,
             1943, and died of AIDS on December 21, 1991.)
                For “The Men South of Market” photo layout in Drummer 14, Jim
             Stewart lensed one of our sex pals, the very steamy Bill Essex. In the
             centerfold, Bill Essex is the hung model with beard and football helmet.
             After our rough sex that ended in a cum-gorgeous draw of “no surrender”
             in a third-floor toilet at the Slot, Bill Essex became my friend and training
             partner when the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department first recruited gay
             men to become deputy sheriffs. Jim Stewart recalled:

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