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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                  iii
                 Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer

              National Leather Association Nonfiction Best Book Award
                     ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Award
                         Independent Publisher Book Award
                         San Francisco Book Festival Award

               Critics’ Quotes, Author and Book Credentials

                •  Jeanne Barney, First and Founding Los Angeles Editor in
             Chief of Drummer: “For those of us who were there inventing Drum-
             mer three decades ago, Fritscher serves up a thoroughly researched and
             well-written account of a particular era in gay history, reporting on what
             may well have been ‘The Golden Age of Leather’ and of Drummer . . . Gay
             San Francisco is an historical resource for those who want to know How
             Things Used to Be, as well as a nostalgic look back for those of us who
             were ourselves eyewitness participants. I invite you all to join us in this
             extraordinary walk down memory lane.”
                •  John F. Karr, Bay Area Reporter: “Veteran author Jack Fritscher
             is an anarchist of gay sexual prose, the man who invented the South of
             Market prose style (as well as its magazines . . . ) . . . .  Fritscher writes with
             sweat and wit.”
                •  San Francisco Chronicle: “Jack Fritscher reads gloriously!”
                •  Samuel Streit, Director, Special Collections, Brown Univer-
             sity: “ . . . . Gay San Francisco is a remarkable history of a remarkable time
             in a remarkable place, combining contemporary documents, photographs
             and reportage with a first-hand and first-rate memoir that brings an
             unforgettable era back to life . . . . ”
                • Fritscher is “the ground-breaking editor of Drum-
             mer magazine.”
                •  Willie Walker, GLBT Historical Society, San Francisco: “Jack
             Fritscher is a prolific writer who since the late sixties has helped document
             the gay world and the changes it has undergone.”
                •  Catherine Johnson-Roehr, Curator of Art, Artifacts, and
             Photographs, The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and
             Reproduction, Indiana University: “Those of us who are concerned
             with the preservation of GLBT history are very fortunate that Jack Frit-
             scher has such a remarkable memory for the people, places, and pivotal
             events that he has witnessed over his lifetime.  His long association with

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