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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                  11
                “Go all the way with it,” he answered, apparently leaving me unsure
             of what he meant. “You know,” he added, “do a Fritscher!” Yes, I knew.
             In fact, either the topic was unyielding or I was unable. It didn’t work
             that time. Subject after subject thereafter, the concept kept being “do
             a Fritscher” on it. Brown leather (Drummer 134) fell far short of that
             goal; leathersex and spirituality (Drummer 136) almost made it; bears
             (Drummer 140) got pretty close; spandex (Drummer 141) felt like a suc-
             cess. We really did a Fritscher on that “kinky softwear” as we called the
             form-accentuating garments. Edge play (Drummer 148) felt even more
             fully Fritscher-ed, but none of the issues I worked on were sufficiently
             Fritscher-ed except the ones put on that footing by the one and only
             original Jack Fritscher.
                The now infamous “Remembrance of Sleaze Past” issue (Drummer
             139) has to be the best of that lot and, if I remember correctly that idea
             either came from Fritscher or from DeBlase in conversation with Frit-
                I owe Jack a lot, starting with my adult sexual vocabulary, and maybe
             including whatever success I have had writing and speaking of leathersex.
             I might never have done any of it at all if I had not been inspired, encour-
             aged and kicked in the butt every step of the way. And, for all that, I can
             assure you, nobody did it better than Jack Fritscher.

             Joseph W. Bean is the bricoleur editor of Drummer issues 133-161 who
             kept Drummer alive in the aftermath of the Loma Prieta earthquake that
             destroyed the Drummer office in 1989. His writing and his erotic art
             have appeared in dozens of magazines from Drummer and SandMutopia

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