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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                301
             political protest. The Battle of Algiers, a truly great film, appeared early in
             the American Vietnam War, and helped galvanize anti-war protests as did
             Pontecorvo’s later 1969 film titled Z. It’s almost too easy to make the point
             that Americans driven from Vietnam in 1975 had something to prove in
                Since 1966, I have kept near my desk a paperback of the screenplay
             and photographs from The Battle of Algiers which so greatly influenced
             my kind of first-person documentary writing in Drummer.
                Two films that come close to the intense torture scenes of Algiers are
             Charles Bronson’s perfect B-movie The Evil That Men Do (1984), and
             director Luiz Sergio Person’s Brazilian film The Case of the Naves Brothers
             (1967) which I saw at the Carnegie Hall Cinema in New York before every
             print of it mysteriously disappeared.

                Note added June 30, 2001. The soap-opera history of what hap-
                pened with creativity and cash at  Drummer  was rerun twenty
                years later in 2001 when legal and cash troubles destroyed Bear
                magazine. Publisher Bear-Dog  Hoffman lost his entire Brush
                Creek Media empire of video and magazine production when the
                IRS, reporting a debt of $55,000, closed Hoffman’s office doors
                at 367 Ninth Street, San Francisco, on June 20, 2001. Less than
                two years earlier,  Drummer  had closed Folsom Fair weekend,
                September 1999. This eyewitness participant knows that anyone
                who tries to live off gay art, writing, photography, or publishing
                has never heard Tennessee Williams’ warning: “You can be young
                without money, but you can’t be old without money.”

                For a detailed eyewitness narrative of how geography, ego, arrests, LA
             debris, money, greed, murder, hubris, and sex affected Drummer while
             I was its editor in chief, see the narrative history part of this Gay San
             Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer titled The Drummer Salon.

             II.  The letter to the editor as published in Drummer 15, May 1977

             Letter to the Editor
                           Stunning Omission

                My congratulations to you on your magnificent “Movie Mayhem”
             series. I really look forward each new issue of Drummer to see what other

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