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                               Cock Casting

                 Produced in February-March 1977, this feature essay was
                 published in Drummer 15, May 1977.
                 I.  Author’s Eyewitness Historical-Context Introduction
                    written August 25, 1998
                 II.  The feature article as published in Drummer 15, May
                 III. Eyewitness Illustrations

             I.  Author’s Eyewitness Historical-Context Introduction written
                August 25, 1998

             In 1976, word around San Francisco was that a newspaper centered on
             Folsom Street life was about to begin publication and be distributed free
             in the South of Market bars and restaurants. It was to be called The
             Bridge, but despite it being a great idea it never took off. At the same time,
             San Francisco leather men began to hear of Drummer in Los Angeles. A
             hundred days later when Drummer began arriving in February 1977, the
             idea of The Bridge collapsed.
                From my 1960s eyewitness recall, the San Francisco leather com-
             munity early on had a need for a dedicated newspaper or magazine when
             Drummer suddenly blew into town. I liked the idea because I sensed the
             support was there not only in potential readers but in a talent base eager
             to be tapped to fill the pages of a leather publication.
                In 1971, my lover David Sparrow and I had appeared in forty or so
             S&M leather photographs in Whipcrack which was the first leather maga-
             zine published in San Francisco. Whipcrack was created as a one-time
             issue, but the response the magazine received encouraged me to keep the
             emerging idea of a leather publication on the burner.
                Earlier, in 1969, I had already completed my first leather novel titled
             I Am Curious (Leather). In its time, that little leather “classic” also known
             as Leather Blues sold 10,000 copies at $5.95 for Gay Sunshine Press. More
             than ten years before anyone ever saw the first copy of Drummer, I had
             a personal and professional feeling for the content and the demographic
             marketing of the leather culture I’d been playing in since the mid-1960s
             with partners in the scene since the 1950s.

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