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304                                     Jack Fritscher, Ph.D.
               With  Drummer in mind, I produced and wrote this “Cock Casting”
            photo feature with several talented and fun-loving friends. The source
            for my process analysis was my pal, Joe Taylor, who ran his own leather-
            making workshop at 768 Clementina Street. His was the first-floor flat
            under photographer Jim Stewart’s upstairs at 766. In the style of the
            times, Taylor billed his business identity as “Taylor of San Francisco”
            using a single name and a city name, as did so many others following the
            fashion set by “Tom of Finland.” The photographer for “Cock Casting”
            was named Peter Munekee. His “headless model” was everyone’s favorite
            model, Max Morales.
               To follow up this Drummer 15 how-to article, I invited Taylor of San
            Francisco to return to Drummer to write and produce the “Body Casting”
            photo feature in Drummer 18 lensed by Gene Weber, a true documentary
            photographer of San Francisco S&M.
               Within this circle of kinship, I had previously booked Gene Weber,
            who was my longtime traveling companion, to photograph two other
            intimates of my circle — the Catholic leather priest Jim Kane and his
            lover Ike Barnes (and me, top page 17) — for “Famous Dungeons of San
            Francisco” in Drummer 17 (July 1977), which was one of the first pieces
            I produced for Drummer.
               Gene Weber also photographed several of us in the underwater fisting
            shots of my “Gay Sports” feature in Drummer 20 (January 1978). He also
            shot me with my longtime playmate and “co-star” bottom, the redheaded
            Russell Van Leer, in Blood Crucifixion lensed on location in the dungeon
            of S&M hustler John Pfleiderer. (Russell Van Leer, the sex-adventurer, is
            no relation to my other redheaded friend, David Van Leer, the gay studies
            professor at the University of California-Davis and author of the book The
            Queening of America.) Blood Crucifixion was one of Gene Weber’s famous
            multi-media 35mm S&M extravaganzas which he frequently screened for
            invited audiences of gentlemen in his Upper Terrace home. He projected
            his images on his art-theater-sized 20-foot wide-screen using machines
            programmed so fluidly that his presentation looked like a movie when, in
            fact, it was a series of 35mm slides dissolving at different speeds into each
            other. When frequent Drummer photographer Gene Weber died, October
            2, 1992, he bequeathed his vast 35mm-color transparency collection to
            the James C. Hormel Gay and Lesbian Collection at the San Francisco
            Public Library where his Blood Crucifixion and other photography may
            be viewed.
               Besides having vacationed together in the Carribean (1977) to go
            on location for the Drummer 20 underwater scuba sex shots at Grand
            Cayman, Gene Weber and I had traveled together to Japan in October
            1975, sleeping on floor mats in dormitories in Osaka with fifty  snoring

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