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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                305
             working men, balling in Tokyo with a young Japanese Communist karate
             instructor, cottaging in the park with a friend of Van Cliburn’s, and
             spending time in the outskirts of Tokyo at a Samurai house of bondage
             where the vibe was polite but a bit cool because the forty-year-old owners
             remembered World War II. Upon my return to the jaded sex scene of San
             Francisco, I introduced my fundoshi (and how to wrap it) as a new fetish
             and freshened a few scenes demonstrating Japanese rope bondage which
             I explained as a way of tying the body to itself rather than to something
                The model in Gene Weber’s photos for “Body Casting” in Drum-
             mer 18 (August 1977), pages 66-69, was, again, our friend Max Morales,
             who sometimes worked for Drummer, modeled for the Leatherneck bar,
             competed in the Mr. CMC Carnival, and was the handsome and energy-
             centered athlete who was great friends with Paul Gerrior aka Ledermeis-
             ter, the archetypal Colt model on whose non-avoirdupois type the original
             “bear” movement was based. In our Drummer salon, it was a pleasure to
             produce “Body Casting” written by Taylor of San Francisco with fourteen
             photographs of Max Morales shot by Gene Weber.
                I remember I was fascinated that in North Beach theater-clubs and
             cabarets featuring “Live Topless Girls,” Max Morales appeared nightly, or
             at least, regularly, oozing male sex appeal. He was the exotic-erotic dance
             partner of several female dancers. Because I so appreciated the hot energy
             field around Max Morales, I invented a way to fictionalize his persona, for
             myself at least, in The Holy Mountain section of Some Dance to Remember,
             Reel 6, Scene 4.
                Drummer salonista Max Morales was also famous for creating tapes
             of music for bars and baths and galleries. The Folsom Street flyer for
             “Double  Exposure: Photos and  Drawings  by Jim  Stewart  and Gregg
             Coates” read

                “Opening Reception: Friday, 13 October 1978; 8:00 - Midnight.
                Audio by Max Morales. Invitation admits two. 766 Clementina
                Alley [Street], San Francisco, CA (S. O. M.) [The acronym
                SoMa was on the cusp of happening.] Public Viewing: Noon - 5
                PM. Sats & Suns, 14 Oct - 5 Nov.”
                This is the kind of ambient salon of leather friends and talent that
             the lucky Drummer fell into when arriviste Embry found himself exiled
             out of LA and into San Francisco late in 1976 and early 1977.
                It was my friend Sam Steward, the veteran of Gertrude and Alice’s
             salon, who first used the word salon to describe what he saw as my interest-
             ing circle of friends around Drummer.

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