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306                                     Jack Fritscher, Ph.D.

            II.  The feature article as published in Drummer 15, May 1977

                              Cock Casting

            Here’s  a  do-it-yourself  section  you  won’t find  in any issue of  Popular
            Mechanics! It’s something for you more trophy-minded Masters — a step
            by step guide to casting your Slave’s cock. The session pictured here is the
            handiwork of satyr/photographer Peter Munekee, who has a special relish
            for using the torturous hot wax casting technique.
               To make your own casing of an erect cock, melt one pound of paraf-
            fin (or sealing wax). Place it over a fondue pot base or chafing dish candle
            unit to keep it at working temperature. Have your subject kneel on the
            floor or a table and spread his knees; then coat the pubic area liberally with
            grease. (Vaseline works best.) Paint a thick coat over his cock and balls
            (up to his asshole), inside his thighs, and across the belly up to his navel.
            Shave or Vaseline pubic hairs away from the casting area.
               With a 1” brush, coat the front of the balls with the hot paraffin,
            building up several coats until the wax is 1/4” thick. Then move up the
            side of the sac and around to the base of the cock and coat it equally as
               Now work up the cock to an erection without touching it. Use some
            anal action, dirty talk, poppers, tit clamps, or whatever it takes to keep it
            stiff as you proceed up the cock with a 1/4” coat of wax. It must remain
            rock hard and totally immobile until you wax off the knob with the final
               As soon as the last coat is hard, the subject can relax. The best way to
            remove the finished mold is to have him piss it off — carefully. You don’t
            want to drop it.
               To cast a plaster replica of the mold, fill a box with sand or tightly
            stuffed newspapers and set the mold in it, the opening level with the top.
            Mix ½ pound of Plaster of Paris and pour it in slowly. The slave pictured
            took 3/4 pound.
               As you pour, it is very important to bump, jiggle, and tap the mold to
            eliminate bubbling. Let the filled mold set for an hour. After it has cooled,
            lift it out of the box and lightly slice the wax coating with an Exacto knife,
            then peel it off. Let the plaster cast cure for at least eight hours before
            you sand it and patch any air holes. After that, it is ready to be painted,
            mounted, or whatever collectors do with their trophies.

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