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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                 311
             since 1968. We had been introduced by the Catholic leather priest, Jim
             Kane. In 1969 when I was thirty, Lou Thomas shot me with a tough 42
             Street hustler for a photo series he was producing before he started Target;
             and in 1972, he published a samizdat limited edition of my 1969 novel,
             I Am Curious (Leather) aka Leather Blues, later excerpted as “a Drummer
             novel” in Son of Drummer (1978) and in Man2Man Quarterly. We con-
             tinued to work together into the 1980s when I wrote fiction such as “The
             Best Dirty Blond Carpenter in Texas” for his Target Magazine. Hugely
             successful, in 1983, he became editor of the mass-media gay magazines
             FirstHand and Manscape. After the death of Lou Thomas (March 10,
             1933 - January 7, 1990), the grave robbers at 1990s Drummer continued
             to publish his photographs uncredited, and, disrespecting Lou Thomas
             as the creative source, had the nerve to label them: “From the Drummer
                In the reveal that is the uncloseting and documenting of true leather
             history, model “Durk Parker” was more than a model. Having internal-
             ized the leather ethos, he made the rounds of various leather ateliers and
             galleries as a patron and sometime model. He became the image and the
             champion of homomasculine art and artists. In the 1970s, the Target
             model “Durk Parker” came out as Durk Dehner, when he became friend,
             champion, and business partner of Tom of Finland. Dehner was mentored
             by The Advocate owner, David Goodstein, who understood startups for a
             business or for a nonprofit 501(c)(3) — (Dispatch, Tom of Finland Foun-
             dation Newsletter, Spring 2006). Dehner became the co-founder and
             longtime president of the Tom of Finland Foundation, and has dedicated
             his life to collecting, preserving, and protecting the art of Tom, as well as
             of emerging and established erotic artists and photographers.
                Durk Dehner has given written permission for this Gay San Francisco
             reprinting of his photograph shot by Lou Thomas at Target Studio. On
             July 29, 2007, Durk Dehner confided in an almost mystical email that he,
             as did I, believed the most important contributors to Drummer were the
             men who poured their identities, hearts, and sexuality into the classified
             personals ads in Drummer. He wrote:

                Drummer magazine was a get-down-and-dirty experience where
                a real pureness existed. Artists like Tom of Finland, Etienne, A.
                Jay, Rex, and Domino, to mention just a few were delivered unto
                us amongst the prayers and salutations from the Hellion Priests
                of the times — known better as the classifieds where words and
                images were pure in cravings and desires; they were the new

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