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312                                     Jack Fritscher, Ph.D.
               Durk Dehner understands the principle that popular culture is the
            distillation of what ordinary people like.
               That’s why I groomed Drummer to reflect the reader because I had
            studied the thousands of classified personals that revealed precisely what
            the demographic wanted.
               Lou Thomas and I agreed on that theory of popular culture.
               Colt Studio under master artist Jim French idealized men beyond
            one’s reach; Target Studio photographed men one might touch; David
            Hurles lensed straight street toughs one could hire; for my Palm Drive
            Video, I shot masculine men one could meet at a bar, a street fair, or a
            building site.
               Of that group of four studios all channeling the homomasculine
            mystique, Colt alone, except for a stray ad or two early on, was never
            published in Drummer.
               In the interactive mix of editorial text (magazine leading the read-
            ers) and classified personals text (readers leading the magazine), fantasies
            could become realities. The ads offered reachable postal boxes and phone
               As if anticipating reality TV shows, Drummer was the first gay reality
               Durk Dehner is a perfect eyewitness of how the reciprocity in Drum-
            mer worked.
               In 1979, Durk Dehner clipped a certain personal ad from Drummer,
            pasted it on his mirror, and memorized the text like a prayer. As a matter
            of history, that particular ad, which ran for years like a note in a bottle in
            Drummer, became famous as a classic among readers. After some time,
            and by chance, Durk Dehner was cruised by a man in LA. His nickname
            was “SS” and he turned out to be the author of the ad. They are still
            together at the Tom of Finland Foundation.
               About SS’s ad, Durk Dehner wrote to me: “The words were to my
            spirit. I first read them in 1979 and I keep them up to now, because I met
            the righteous one who spun them . . . . ”
               Durk Dehner quoted the ad:

               L.A. FILTH
               Tough, hard, beer-drinking, cigar-smoking, foul-mouthed dirt
               dude with rank armpits, slimy asshole, and a cruddy uncut cock
               wears greasy, rotten, stinking boots, socks, jocks, T-shirts, Levi’s
               and leather. Digs spitting, pissing, shitting, puking, sweating,
               and farting. Gets off with chains, tires, concrete, mud, tools,
               rubbers, and oil. Box 294V8.

          ©Jack Fritscher, Ph.D., All Rights Reserved—posted 05-05-2017
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