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314                                     Jack Fritscher, Ph.D.

            “Eyewitness Durk Dehner,” billed as “Durk Parker,” debuted in the quintessential 1970s
            sultry centerfold of Drummer 15 (May 1977), perhaps the hottest homomasculine cen-
            terfold ever in Drummer. Photograph by Lou Thomas, Target Studio. ©Lou Thomas.
            Leather pioneer Lou Thomas was co-founder with Jim French of Colt Studio. Dehner
            became a favorite model for Tom of Finland, and the two shared a legendary friendship
            that resulted in the creation of the Tom of Finland Foundation. Fritscher first wrote about
            Durk Dehner — and introduced the term homomasculinity  — in Drummer 31 (September
            1979) when Dehner was first runner-up in the first International Mr. Leather contest
            (1979). Used with permission of Durk Dehner.
            Insert: In the salon around Drummer, the Chicago artist Etienne was one of the hosts of
            that first IML contest. Like Tom of Finland, Etienne idolized Durk Dehner whom he
            personally invited to compete live on stage. So taken was Etienne that, months before
            the contest, he painted a full-length color portrait of Dehner (face subliminal) that was
            published as the black-and-white logo for the international advertisements and posters for
            that IML, May 1979. Fritscher positioned Etienne’s ad as the full page 69 in Drummer
            28 (April 1979).  Thirteen years later, Etienne’s leather-heritage painting of Dehner was
            published as the full-color cover of Drummer 153 (March 1992). Used with permission of
            Chuck Renslow and the Leather Archives & Museum.
          ©Jack Fritscher, Ph.D., All Rights Reserved—posted 05-05-2017
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