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                                       Poster, “The Slot Hotel,” Bill Tellman (1971). In
                             Eyewitness  the first-floor waiting room where no one ever
                             Illustration waited because it was, after all, the Slot, there
                                       was a tiny table offering rolled-up Slot posters;
                            over the years, thousands of men took this free advertising collect-
                            ible home because it meant as much as a diploma.
                               Michelangelo hung out on Folsom Street.
                               SoMa artist Bill Tellman re-conceptualized the arms and one-
                            legged posture of Michelangelo’s David to draw his louche reverse
                            spin for Jack Haines’ Slot Hotel, displaying the new international
                            signage of the signature “fisting tattoo.”
                                          At the same time, artist Mike Caffee
                                       sculpted his slouching Leather David statue for
                             Illustration Jack Haines’ Fe-Be’s bar, whose logo, designed
                                       by Caffee, was also spelled Febes and Febe’s.
                               Eyewitness Caffee told Fritscher at the “Arnett Lautrec”
                            Opening at the Gay and Lesbian Historical Society in San Fran-
                            cisco, January 28, 2008: “Sam Steward brought me a tourist-shop
             copy of Michelangelo’s David in April 1966 to sculpt into a motorcycle cop. Three months
             later on July 10, Jack Haines brought me another copy which I made into the Fe-Be’s statue.
             It took me two weeks to finish it in time for the bar’s opening on July 26, 1966. I finished
             Sam Steward’s statue early in 1967 . . . I only recently discovered people were calling my
             statue Leather David. I have always called it the ‘Fe-Be’s statue.’ I like Leather David better
             because it’s a good description. Fe-Be’s is long gone and mostly forgotten — only the statue
             lives on.”
                In 1972, Fritscher first wrote about Caffee’s iconic Leather David and about leather
             occult rituals in the “Sex and Witchcraft” chapter of his book Popular Witchcraft: Straight
             from  the  Witch’s  Mouth; revised  twenty-first-century  edition,  University of  Wisconsin
             Press, 2005, page 152 and following.
                Copyright images of the Slot poster and Fe-be’s Leather David can be examined on
             the Internet.

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