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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                349
                The photographs for “Johnny Gets His Hair Cut” were shot during
             a real event at Jack Haines’ Slot Hotel (979 Folsom Street) where cameras
             were usually not permitted. Permission was arranged with the Slot man-
             ager, my longtime friend, Tony Tavarossi. The 35mm camera and film
             belonged to Jim Stewart who shot all of the frames except for the few I
             shot of him during the scene. Jim Stewart told me on October 9, 2007:

                Dear Jack,
                    The Slot Shoot — sometime in the spring of 1976 — was I
                think April. The occasion? Sheldon Kovalski shaved both my
                head and John E.’s. It was planned in advance. I believe we let
                the management know what we were planning. The door was
                left open. Guys would come and go. Some stayed for the action.
                Major players, beside the three mentioned above: Jack Fritscher,
                and I remember that you called David Sparrow at home and
                he came over. Russell Van Leer is in the pictures too, as well as
                Steve Prokaski in the cap. I’ll send you a few more pix to help set
                the scene. The room number is forgotten but it was the second
                room back from the stairway on the second floor.  — Jim [See
                Jim Stewart quote in the introduction to “Men of SoMa” in this

                From 1975 when publisher Embry started Drummer to 1986 when
             he sold it, there was the constant low-grade friction of the “Credit War”
             and the “Reprint Controversy.” Contributors were often miffed that their
             photographs were not properly credited, or that they were reprinted, or
             both. Subscribers complained about the frequent recycling of stories,
             photographs, and drawings. Jim Stewart was disconcerted when Embry
             republished some of his “Johnny” at-the-Slot photographs in one of the
             special magazine series Embry aka “Robert Payne” had written: The Care
             and Training of the Male Slave II. Stewart was not credited for the pho-
             tographs, and Embry, reaching for Mapplethorpe’s star, wrongly credited
             the Stewart photograph on page 26 to Mapplethorpe who by that time
             had refused to have anything to do with Embry’s Drummer. Jim Stewart
             wrote on September 22, 2007:
                In The Care and Training of the Male Slave II, my photo at the
                top of page 26 was credited to Mapplethorpe. The other photo
                on that page, plus the photos on page 25, were not credited to
                anybody! The photo on the bottom of page 27 was correctly
                attributed to Mapplethorpe. All the photos of mine on pages
                25-26 were previously published in “Johnny Get His Hair Cut,”

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