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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                 359
                Although he is also known for the experimental cinematic tech-
                nique of his epic of San Francisco’s Castro district, Some Dance
                to Remember (1990), Jack Fritscher (b. 1939) is known primarily
                as a writer [in Drummer which is not mentioned] of such short
                fiction as the stories of Corporal in Charge of Taking Care of
                Captain O’Malley (1984) [the first book collection ever of Drum-
                mer stories and articles, or, for that matter, the first book collec-
                tion of erotic stories from any 1970s gay magazine]  . . . . Fritscher
                began [sic] his career in pornography as editor of another true
                confessions magazine Man 2 Man [sic; besides his misnomer and
                mistiming of 1980s Man2Man, which was not a true-confes-
                sions magazine, Miller omits that my first erotic novel was I Am
                Curious (Leather) in 1968-69, and that I was editor in chief of
                Drummer beginning in March 1977, and was its most frequent
                contributor for twenty-two years ]. (Pages 263 and 264).
                On page 623, Robert Nashak, a doctoral candidate in English at
             UCLA, a recipient of a Mellon Fellowship in the Humanities and a Ful-
             bright grant, writes in his essay “Sadomasochistic Literature”:
                Some of the best pornographic fiction to come out of the leather-
                man tradition is by Tim Barrus, whose Mineshaft (1984), like
                Leo Cardini’s Mineshaft Nights (1990) before it, describes the
                sexual exploits of [sic; in] the infamous New York S/M pal-
                ace of the same name. [My first writing about the Mineshaft
                appeared in Drummer 19, December 1977.] Phil Andros’ Dif-
                ferent Strokes (1986) and Jack Fritscher’s Leather Blues (1984)
                and  Stand  by Your Man  (1987)  are  three of  the  best erotic
                short story collections in this vein [even though Leather Blues
                is a novel, not a collection of short stories]. Larry Townsend
                is perhaps the most widely read writer of leatherman erotica.
                His landmark The Leatherman’s Handbook II (1989) [sic] has
                received wide circulation and interest. [Townsend’s landmark
                book was, in fact, published seventeen years earlier: The Leather-
                man’s Handbook (1972); and, where — rather than the dismissive
                and vague Nashak toss-off “wide circulation and interest” — is
                the exact research mentioning the statistics regarding editions
                and copies sold of this seminal leather-heritage folk text written
                by Townsend from the “Tijuana Bible” questionnaires which
                grass-roots leathermen sent to him?]

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