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                       Leather Christmas 1977

                 Written Christmas 1973, this feature essay was published
                 in Drummer 19, December 1977.
                 I.  Author’s Eyewitness Historical-Context Introduction
                    written March 11, 2002
                 II.  The feature essay as published in Drummer 19,
                    December 1977
                 III. Eyewitness Illustrations

             I.  Author’s Eyewitness Historical-Context Introduction written
                March 11, 2002

             In this nonfiction article, “Leather Christmas,” for the benefit of histori-
             ans who tally up lists, I introduced several “firsts”: the first use in Drum-
             mer of the high-concept homomasculine phrase “man to man”; the first
             use of my portmanteau word: perversatile; the first mention of women in
             S&M scenes; the first gonzo report on sex written in, and reported “live”
             from, a gay bath, specifically, the spectacular Folsom Street Barracks at
             1147 Folsom with entrance on Hallam Street; the first of my many sexual-
             identity word plays on Descartes’ “Cogito; Ergo Sum”; as well as first use
             of two of my early 1970s theoretical concepts of leather S&M defined as
             “Sensuality” and “Mutuality,” and of leather S&M as “a second coming
             out.” Drummer contributor, psychologist Guy Baldwin, later picked up
             on my “second coming out” and theorized further about my concept; for
             this I thank him because not all leatherfolk bother to credit the source of
             their information. In this article, I also began introduction of the popular
             culture of movies into reportage and analysis of queer sex, including the
             primitivism of the Sun Dance ritual and BDSM. As glossary, the terms
             “’lude” and “714” refer to the drug, Quaalude.
                “Leather Christmas” with its irony, neologisms, and flaming Levi’s
             is the first gay postmodern leather-sex article. Or perhaps it’s a Duchamp
             parody. (What is more Cubist than a hand descending a cock — jerk-
             jerk-jerking off while reading?) Or perhaps it’s a note found in a bottle, a
             journal entry of gay sex as it once was.

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